Winter Wonderland Theme Park

IN THIS BLOG I AM GOING TO SHARE SOME OF MY EXPERIENCE AND IMAGES TAKEN from first visiting the famous Winter Wonderland last December held at Hyde Park, London.

Being my first ever visit to explore Winter Wonderland. I took my two little nephews aged 4 and 6 to enjoy few rides which were suitable for them. There seem to have really enjoyed themselves and pretty much had the time of their lives. As there were really happy when we went back home to their parents. Also, I could tell from their facial expressions, when they sat on few rides, nephews were really excited and happy. Both of them were telling their parents how good Winter Wonderland was and how I was their best ever uncle 🙂 really sweet of them to say.

However, as we first reached ‘Winter Wonderland’ with limited time on our hands. I got them to sit on rides, which they chose to go on as well as exploring the whole of Hyde Park. Although to see a huge smile on my nephew’s faces and being happy was good enough to see that my nephews had a good day out.












Personally, visiting ‘Winter Wonderland’ thought it did not disappoint at all. There was so much to explore and do such as going on rides, games and plenty of food for adults/kids to enjoy. It’s a place definitely worth visiting at least once a year. The best thing about this it’s completely ‘FREE’ to visit and view this landmark, especially going to see theme park amazing lights at night is really worthwhile.

Below here are some of the images I took of most of the rides I saw whilst walking around and exploring. There were some pretty cool rides to sit on and so much more to explore but hopefully next time I will have to go and visit it another day.

Ice Kingdom

Alpen Hotel

Penguin ride was one ride I went on with my nephews, took plenty of selfies whilst in there and it moved from one corner to another.

Have any of you guys visited Winter Wonderland? if so what rides have you been on and most liked? What are your thoughts? Do leave your comments below.

Much appreciated.

Adil Musa


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  1. Halima says:

    Amazing!!! Love the pictures

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