Exploring London

It has been a while since I’ve last blogged as I’ve been extremely busy with weddings, taking photos around London to post on my Instagram, eating away at new places and working. Now I’m back with another blog to showcase you plenty of photos to admire in the heart of London.

This week as most people probably know is the longest weekend of the year as Easter weekend has approached us, so what a great way to spend a long weekend break around London.


Although I had this delicious Ispahan from Laduree day before. The first day of my holiday this week, I took a trip to Notting Hill in West London to see what all the fuss about Portobello Road and Lancaster Road were with those beautiful colour houses. This did remind me of a Classic Kids show called Balamory when visiting this place and I could tell why a lot of tourists loved coming to this area as there is so much history involved as well as plenty to capture on camera. Especially on Lancaster Road as each house had bright colours, which looked perfect for a wallpaper or any other background image.

Portobello Road

As I had little time to spend at Notting Hill, I only managed to visit two roads during the morning hours of Tuesday, if I had more time could of have visited Farm Girl Cafe. That will have to wait another day since I had to rush off for an interview at Wembley Stadium. However, I still managed to grab some great shots for you all to see and tell me what you think.

Not only did I have some delicious Pasta and Pizza at Covent Garden’s Broccoli UK, but I have some amazing news soon to follow, which I will eventually announce once confirmed on my Instagram.

Deluxe Pizza

Also, as I had this week off from work, I decided to visit Camden Town Market midweek with my family, where we went to an Indian Halal restaurant called *Dum Dum Biryani* based in Soho and we had some fresh yummy desserts from Chin Chin Lab & snacks from Oli Baba, which I will review in my next post or you can head over to my Instagram to check how good it looks for yourself! 🙂

On top of that, Cricket season starts this Easter weekend and I’m well excited for this season ahead with plenty of changes in our team.

What are your favourite places in London? I would love to hear from the comment section below what you truly enjoy and love about London.


Adil Musa



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  1. Adil Musa says:

    Thank you for your kind words.


  2. We getting nice information through this blog. It’s Greate and Very Helpful. Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  3. Adil Musa says:

    It’s a dessert from a famous place called Laduree in London! Originally known in Paris, bit there are really nice and worth trying out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Adil Musa says:

    Can never get tired of London, thats for sure😊 you’re welcome! Glad you like it and thanks for your comment!


  5. Anna Love says:

    Ahh London!!! Thanks for these awesome photos, make me wanna go there so bad


  6. I don’t know what an Ispahan is, but it looks delicious!



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