London Vlogs


Although, I do not upload or promote as much on Youtube as I do for my blog and Instagram. I thought toย myself, why not give it a try and see how it comes together, as I have been doing a lot of things recently including a dodgeball tournament. We won three games out of six, we did not go through to the knockouts stages but the end of the day it was one fun event to participate.

Also visited and capturing some mouth watering dessert places around Central/West London area, so I thought why not show some footage for you all to see and perhaps check out for yourself when in London.

As I’ve just started my new role at Wembley Stadium and Ramadan is approaching swiftly, it has been difficult to upload quite regular on here. As I’ve been more or less active on Instagram. Nevertheless, hope you all enjoy these two footages and let me know your thoughts on your comment section below.

Thank you for watching.

Adil Musa




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