BeachEast Amusement Park


Address: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,
London, E20 2ST
Nearest Station: Stratford Underground & Overground Station
Opening: 21st July till 6th Sept 2017

The ever so summer popular BeachEast Amusement Park is back for another year in Stratford, London. Now open in the heart of East London, next to London Stadium, home of West Ham United FC.

After work, on a Friday evening, on my way home, I went down to the London Stadium, where the Paralympic athletic championship is currently being held. I noticed BeachEast is now up and running as of today, not that busy on its first day after reading what’s on this weekend in Time Out London Magazine. As the Paralympic is going on,  I expect this beach to become really busy, when it all ends, especially during weekends from now as kids summer school holidays have just begun.


Price: £2 Admission fees
£1 for under 12
Free for under 3

There now have a large swimming pool for kids and adults to enjoy when the sun’s out. As well, many rides which are suitable for adults and children, where you can purchase wristbands to ride on all the rides available. Also, you have the option to purchase tickets from the ticket office for pay as you go so you can be selective on which ride to explore.

If you prefer to sit on the benches and admire the surroundings whilst gathering around with your friends or families. There now have a large screen available at the beach, which broadcasts live events for people to enjoy with their drinks and ice creams.

On another note, there are many rides available to explore and try. The price for pay as you go tickets are as follows:

Water Balls – £4
Water Boats – £4
Shark & The Pirates Roller Coaster – £2
Mini Paratrooper – £2
Giant Slide – £4 / 10 minutes
Inflatable Play Bed – £3 / 10 minutes
Race O Rama – £2
Go Gator Roller Coaster – £2
Bungee Trampolines – £4
Wave Swinger – £2
Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster – £4/person
Sizzler – £3
Waltzer – £3
Frogs – £3
Dodgems – £4
Sky Swing – £4
Bounce – £3
Airmaxx – £5
No Limit – £4
Superbowl – £3
Game stalls – from £3

If you’re opting for a Wristband the cost are as followed:

Junior: £7.99

Family: £10.99

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comment section below what you think of BeachEast. As West London has Winter Wonderland during the winter period, East London has BeachEast for summer.

Adil Musa

Instagram: @adilmusa1

Twitter: @Adil_Musa1



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