Abd El Wahab UK Lebanese Restaurant - Review

Abd El Wahab

Abd El Wahab Address: 1-3 Pont St, Belgravia, London, SW1X 9EJ
Telephone: 020 7235 0005
Website: https://www.abdelwahab.co.uk
Nearest station: Knightsbridge (Picadilly) or Hyde Park Corner (Central Line)

Abd El Wahab is known to be a high-end Lebanese restaurant. Several establishments in the Middle East including Qatar, Dubai and many more. This chain is its first international branch in London, where it's trying to make its mark. There aren't many Lebanese restaurants out there in London. That I know of besides the very few, that I've been to already. Therefore, when this restaurant asked me to dine there. I had to check it out as the food looked very authentic and delicious.

Whether you visit for a formal lunch with colleagues or an informal dinner with friends. The restaurant caters for your comfort as the interiors will help you relax. Whilst the aromas and ambience bring your senses to life.

Lebanese Starters at Abd El Wahab

Abd El Wahab Experience

When I arrived at Abd El Wahab. I was nicely greeted by one of the staff who looked after both of us throughout our dinner. As I was slightly earlier than scheduled, many seats were still empty. Therefore, I had an opportunity to wander around and take some videos of the restaurant.

I was asked to sit anywhere I wanted, and I chose to sit where there was good lighting. The spot had a rainforest theme look. Once we sat down, the menu was provided to us. I had already written a list of dishes I wanted beforehand. However, I was impressed with how they helped with my order. When I chose a list of items and the staff member added an extra item or chose a better option for us.

After taking my order. I started to take many pictures of the interiors etc. The wait wasn't long as after 5 to 10 minutes the drinks followed by the starters arrived, so I snapped away for 5-10 minutes for our starters, and by then the main course came. This allowed me to take photography of the whole meal on the table.

Abd El Wahab Food

Abd El Wahab Food on the table
Abd El Wahab Food served

Moving on to the food at this restaurant. There was quite a lot on the table. You can check out their menu here from drinks to the starters and main course. Going straight to it with the Grilled Halloumi followed by the rest of the food. What we ordered was:

  • Mixed Grill
  • Grilled Halloumi
  • Hommos
  • Rocca Beetroot Salad
  • Halloumi Salad
  • Batata Kazbra
  • Selection of Pastries

Grilled Halloumi £8.50

This was a freshly grilled halloumi, served with cherry tomato & mint. I felt this was very chewy to eat but nice how I like it.

Grilled Halloumi
Deliciously cooked Grilled Halloumi £8.50

Batata Kazbra £7.50

These Batata Kazbra were both of our favourite dishes. As we couldn't stop ourselves from eating this before anything else. This was the fried potato mixed with chopped garlic & coriander with green chilli. Recommend ordering this item if you're looking for ideas.

Batata Kazbra
Batata Kazbra £7.50

Rocca Beetroot Salad £6

This was one of the salads that were ordered extra for us. Super healthy and green, this wasn't too bad, but the only thing we ate was the beetroot, the rest we took home to finish. The salad contained beetroot, onion, sumac, olive oil & lemon dressing.

Rocca Beetroot Salad
Rocca Beetroot Salad £6

Pasteries Selection

We wanted two pastry items in the first instance from their menu. The staff helped us decide by providing us with a plate with all four items from their menu with two pastries each.

  • Cheese Rolls - Cheese rolls, grilled or deep-fried
  • Sambousik - Deep fried dough stuffed with minced meat, and onions mixed with strained yoghurt & pine nuts
  • Fatayer Bel Fern - Baked dough stuffed with spinach, onions, sumac & tomatoes
  • Kebbeh - Deep-fried kebbeh balls stuffed with minced meat, onions & pine nuts
Abd El Wahab Pastries
Selection of Pastries

Pomegranate Lemonade £5.50

This drink was a mix of Pomegranate at the top and Lemonade at the bottom. Mixing them tastes even sweeter. One of my favourite drinks here and I would recommend choosing this if you dine here.

Pomegranate Lemonade
Pomegranate Lemonade £5.50
Mix of Pomegranate & Lemonade
A mix of Pomegranate & Lemonade

Jellab £4

This drink tasted like rose water, not too bad I thought after sipping a few times. A popular Lebanese drink, which contained pine nuts and dates inside.

Abd El Wahab's Jellab
Adil Musa at Abd El Wahab
Adil Musa at Abd El Wahab

Mixed Grill £21

Mixed Grill is one of the popular dishes with a selection of lamb, taouk & kafta grilled on skewers. I tried the lamb chops and taouk initially. They arrived with grilled shrimp, lamb chops, lamb shish, kebabs and chicken taouk.

However, because we both were so stuffed with starters and pastries. It was a tough dish to finish between the two of us. Therefore, took the leftovers home, although, I loved how soft each piece was and tender.

Abd El Wahab Mixed Grill
Mixed Grill (£21)

Adil Musa enjoying his meal at Abd El Wahab

Abd El Wahab Desserts

Although we were pretty full from the main courses. I always somehow manage to find space for desserts, so I ordered one that looks different with fluffy clouds and pistachio at the bottom. They also gave us another extra dessert, which was nice of them. We both eventfully finished the majority of it.

Pistachio Bil Ghazal £6

This dessert was very sweet, although I enjoyed dipping into pistachio at the bottom. The top half was far too fluffy and sweet to eat.
A dessert filled with stuffed pistachio dough, containing fresh clotted cream, topped with vanilla ice cream & Ghazel El Banet.

Pistachio Bil Ghazal
Pistachio Bil Ghazal £6

Abd El Wahab Ashta With Banana & Honey £5

A dessert filled with banana slices & honey and clotted cream topped. This was pretty nice to indulge in until it got too much. As I just ate the banana slices in the end. I would say this was preferable to the other dessert. Lastly, they provided tea for refreshment before we set off.

Ashta With Banana & Honey
Ashta With Banana & Honey £5
Refreshing Tea at Abd El Wahab
Refreshing Tea served

Food: 9 out of 10
Service: 9 out of 10
Price: 7 out of 10
Experience: 10 out of 10
Presentation: 8 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given this cafe an 8.6 out of 10.


In conclusion, this was an overall wonderful experience. I couldn't thank the staff enough for the great experience. As we were looked after and I enjoyed my time here. If, you're looking for Lebanese cuisine or live around the Central London area or shopping around. Then I would recommend checking out Abd El Wahab. There are not many out there that do traditional Lebanese food.

The food you'll enjoy for sure, as they are so many dishes to choose from. The Grilled Halloumi, Mixed Grill & Batata Kazbra was the yummiest of what we ordered. The service and experience, I thought were good and enjoyable my expectation. They greeted us well, helped us with our orders and let us sit wherever we wanted.

I managed to take plenty of photos for my socials and blog, which you will notice above. The prices here on some of the dishes are slightly overpriced. However, they are currently running a 3-for-2 offer on their Mezze all this month of July.

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