About Me


I’m Adil Musa a Blogger for Food, Lifestyle & Travel.

Twenty-something British born and based in London.

I have taken my blogging quite seriously, especially on Instagram as I tend to post and explore as much as I can but as I have a full-time role too, after some inspiration and feedback through Instagram, I’ve decided to venture out and create my very own blog from scratch. I would really love one day to take this opportunity to bigger and better things. However, until then I work as a full-time as Junior Salesforce Administrator at Wembley Stadium based in North West London. Aside from my daily work duties between Mon-Fri outside of work hours. I play competitive cricket for the National Cricket League as a Wicket Keeper and top order batsman for a Sunday league team called East London & Leytonstone CC during the summer period.

However, when it is off-season from cricket, I tend to use my time being proactive on social media growing a following mainly on Instagram and other social channels spending my time writing and exploring new food and adventures, which I have never been to previously. Hence why this blog is an ideal way to blog a journey of where I have been in recent times. Ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve received many positive feedbacks on my Instagram photo’s, which has really motivated me to upload often as I can.

My Instagram account is open to the public so you will be able to see all my posts and follow if you like what you see. I never privatised my account, since a private account seems unnecessary for a blogger. If you really want to get yourself heard, you must allow everyone to recognise your account and if they like what they see followers will eventually grow.

I’ve always loved to explore new things activities and possible to travel abroad, capturing all the best moments of my experiences. This could include exploring new dessert bars and new restaurants, brand collaborations, travelling, attending many events and trying out new activities, so then I can write up a blog post and share my experience through my social channels.

Having started this blog, it has truly opened a world of good when it comes to photography as my photography skill has improved vastly ever since. Plus, this would have not been possible without the support of networking with people, seeing what’s out there and brands opening up to me, saying that with everything being taken into account. I would like to use my ever growing social media platform, photography, editing and IT skills to showcase and possibly gain new opportunities for myself.

I would love to know what’s next…. But truly humbled and excited for what may arise around the corner, so get in touch to discuss any new potential opportunities with myself, which we both could work together on.

Why start a blog?

The reason behind for starting my blog journey was inspired by being more pro-active and enjoying my life more by exploring and learning something new. Also, by seeing other foods, lifestyle, travel bloggers and influential people, which I always seem to stumble across on Instagram.

Furthermore, the fact that I’m a very keen photographer, picking up impressive photography skills along the way for my website and social media accounts. By this, I’ve been able to showcase all my photography skills and food interest combined with my social media accounts and blogs.

Now that my following and interaction have started to grow over time on social media. Ideally, I would like to take my blogging and perhaps photography interest further with more opportunities. However, until then from my blog site, you will be able to see likes of food, events, lifestyle, restaurants, travel and products.

Anyhow, if you are an Agency, Restaurants or a brand who specialise in events, hotels and products that you would like me to cover and review on my blog or Instagram page for my viewers. Do not hesitate to email me and I will respond back. You can always enquire about sending across your new products to review on here and I will consider it whether it’s suitable enough to feature on my Instagram page.


This blog and my social account does accept forms of advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions. If I am paid for a blog post I will mention it within the post as ‘sponsored’, where I have been given a product to review, this will be made clear in the text. I do accept commissions to write for others.

How to get in touch with me?

PO Box address: Email or DM me to send whatever you want and I will try my best to review them.

I am always open to all new kinds of food, brand ambassador, collaborations, travels, new restaurants opening, press trips, adventures, activities, reviewing products and hotels.

If you are here as an Agent, PR agency or a brand who would like to invite me to your events or to advertise, collaborate, press trips or sponsor on my blog and Instagram that would interest myself and my readers. You can get in touch by emailing me info@adilmusa.com.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

Thanks for your support.

Adil Musa



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