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AI No Mochi Review | Product Gifted

AI No Mochi

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!

AI No Mochi are London-based creators of this Japanese artisan Mochi. These are originally from Japan, now brought to you in London. These desserts are created by a soft and chewy rice cake filled with a variety of Mochi fillings, then handmade decorated to look appealing to their customers.

Ramadan has finally arrived and it’s been a month. where all Muslims around the world fast. It runs from dawn to sunset throughout the entire month. As it’s the month of forgiveness, people try and benefit as much as they can. This can be done by giving back to charity, going to the mosque, visiting the sick in a hospital and praying for the Quran regularly. Try to benefit as much as you can to get close to God and practice further beyond Ramadan.

Here in London, the heatwave high temperatures of 20+ degrees have certainly reached a limit this week. It has been scorching outdoors, where I’m sure everyone will try to take advantage outdoors, whilst it lasts as it does not tend to be this hot in the UK.



Discount Code

AI No Mochi are generous enough to give my readers during this week of Ramadan only a 15% discount by using ‘adilmusa15’. Pop over to their newly designed website and add the code to the checkout page www.ainomochi.com to benefit from these yummy little rice cakes.

These Mochis come in a small pink box as shown below and are freshly made. All of these Mochi are suitable for vegetarians as well as having vegan options available. They certainly took Instagram by storm when starting, with these Japanese sweets being featured in British Vogue, which is an achievement in itself for a small startup.

AI No Mochi
AI No Mochi

My favourite Mochi flavour from this pack was Matcha & White Chocolate. What is yours?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount code before it ends.

Adil Musa

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