Christmas Lights Display in London

Christmas Lights Display in London

Christmas Lights

The Christmas Lights have officially switched on in London. The spirit of Christmas is back in town, with people all over the world gathering together to witness the magical lights switch on, with performances happening. I’ve put together all the photo’s together from all over town from this year to last a couple of years. It has been magically so far and the mood has magically changed for Londoners as it’s one of the best times of the year.

London is already starting to feel like Christmas!

Covent Garden earlier this week and Regent street last night lit up their lights to showcase the wonderful angels, Christmas trees and many more installations. I’ve gathered some of my best shots from the event with plenty more to showcase next week. I hope you enjoyed the images and stories on my social page as I managed to capture some of the live moments with highlights over on my Instagram page stories.

Last year Radio Heart presenters hosted the night welcoming councillors for a speech, with the biggest lights displayed across the whole of London’s Regent Street. Then it went on to West End Dream Girls performing a couple of songs, which ended with a brilliant performance from Calum Scott. After that, it was time for the team on stage to hit the button and switch on the stunning lights officially. There were some beautiful firework displays that felt like New Year’s Day all over.

This year they had ‘The Script‘, ‘Maisie Peters’ performing live and an on-stage cast of ‘White Christmas’ on Regent Street.

Regent Street and Seven Dials had their astonishing displays turned on the same night. However, I attended Regent Street and the angel lights display was truly stunning to witness. You must go see it for yourself during the night of its spectacular colours.

Walking along the road along Regent Street was mesmerising as the street looked pretty and bright. I managed to capture lots to showcase here on my blog.

Hope you all like it as I certainly enjoyed taking them.

Christmas Lights Switch on Vlog

Regent Street

Regent Street Lights On!
Angels on Regent Street.
Kipling Entertainment
Live Entertainment by Kipling
Colourful Bella Walking around Regent Street
Fireworks displays to officially launch the lights!
Fireworks on Regent Streets
Streets of Regent Lit with the Angels
Sparkly Angels lit
Sparkling Angels
Close up of the Angel
Calum Scott Live!
Calum Scott, DreamGirls and Radio Heart Presenters

Oxford Street

House of Fraser magically lights

House of Fraser magically lights

Colourful Vibes on Oxford Street
Christmas Is Calling

Last year singer Rita Ora switched on the whole of Oxford Street. As Rita walked along, Matt Terry and the boy band 5 after Midnight performed for those who attended.

Every year at this time of year in November, London becomes all Christmas festive as light as London’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street switches on their winter lights.

Last night on the 7th of November, the roads were blocked for a short period as Oxford Street gathered thousands as they watched live on stage or on screens presented across the streets for #OxStLightsOn for the official switch.

Christmas Lights on Oxford Street
Stunning Lights on Oxford Street
Stunning Xmas Lights on Oxford Street

Before the switch, the Capital One presenter presented Matt Terry, winner of the earlier X-Factor on stage, performing his hit single live on stage, alongside the boy band 5 after midnight.

Around 6:15 p.m., Matt Terry, 5 After Midnight and the well-known singer Rita Ora pushed the official button on the stage and switched on the magically looking street lights on Oxford Street.

Matt Terry performs on Oxford Street
Oxford Street lights on

The streets and shopping malls on London’s Oxford Street now look very Christmas season as hundreds of people stopped in the middle of the roads to capture these magical moments.

I also gathered lots of these stunning LED lights across the lights and shops on my camera. I thought the John Lewis store lights looked incredible as they had really bright lights, which really stood out for me.

House of Fraser Lights
John Lewis stores lights.
John Lewis stores are looking incredibly stunning with their lights.
Magical displays off Oxford Street

This year the theme was displayed in support of the NSPCC, a children’s charity. The whole street display is lit up with 1,778 decorations and about 750,000 bright LED lights. The NSPCC and Sky Cinema partnered up to create ‘Light up Christmas for Children’, a campaign to raise and give children in need of a brighter future.

Carnaby Street

Every year Carnaby Street is lit with different projects all the time. Last year was the Queen’s and this year it’s Project Zero. The display from a distance is wonderful and it’s just off regent street so you have the best of both to witness. See below from this and previous years display.

Project Zero Carnaby Street
Carnaby Soho lights display
Carnaby Street Christmas Lights 2018
Ho Ho Ho Soho!
Carnaby Street 2018
Carnaby Street

On the 9th of November, Carnaby Street lights in London were switched on last year. There were hundreds of people turned up to see the spectacular tropical display, along with the widely known DJ Norman Jay, who switched on the lights on the streets of Carnaby. People also got to witness the parade of carnival dancers, despite freezing temperatures. These lights will stay on until January, giving visitors plenty of time to witness both Oxford Street and Carnaby Lights.

Carnaby Street Festival Lights

Covent Garden

Earlier this week, the cast of the ‘White Christmas’ movie were special guests for the switch on in Covent Garden. These light displays were probably a favourite of mine when seeing the lights, as they had artificial snow being sprayed on the audience making it extra special and Christmassy.

There is even a huge gingerbread house built by talented people at biscuiteers and it certainly looks incredible and yummy.

Take a look for yourself at how colourful and stunning these lights appear around Covent Garden. Simply stunning, I’d say!

Gigantic Christmas Tree at Covent Garden
Stunning lights all around Covent Garden
Christmas Lights
Inside Christmas displays in London
Biscuteers gingerbread house at Covent Garden
Christmas switch on show
Last Christmas Movie cast at Covent Garden

This time of year everyone loves the spirit and has always wanted to capture those magical winter moments as the city looks the prettiest during the winter period. Have a look at this year’s and last year’s shows on my YouTube channel.

There were many other spectacular displays across London town such as

  • Fitzrovia
  • 7 Dials
  • Harrods
  • The Shard
  • Kew Garden
  • South Bank
  • Bond Street
  • Wembley Park

As there is only one of me to go around, I couldn’t make it to each place, but hopefully next time I can share other places experience.

What are your favourite Christmas lights of the year? I would probably say mine would be Covent Garden and Kew Garden as those seem to be quite spectacular. Christmas season is always the best time, as London sure looks magically around this time of the year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the light display post.

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