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Eat Genesis

Genesis Address: 144 Commercial St, London, E1 6NU
Tel: 020 7659 4500
Opening: 11:30am-11pm (Everyday)
Nearest Station: Shoreditch High Street (Overground)


It's Veganuary and what better place to inspire people to go healthy this month with vegan food. I love exploring new places, so I made a little trip to a new plant-based restaurant named 'Genesis' in Shoreditch. On a Friday afternoon, during the Christmas holidays, I tried out their new delicious vegan food, which really fills your stomach up. Ever since it's been screaming at me on Instagram for weeks to visit with these colourful shots. It really got me excited to check out their Instagrammable decor and the vegan food they had to offer sooner rather than later.

Genesis Review

Luckily when I arrived it was pretty quiet. I got to wander around the place and take as many photos as I wanted. I was really satisfied with everything, from the food, interiors and decor. Also, the people including the manager were so friendly, kind and cheerful, which I liked, hence I spent more time than usual here. I'm pretty glad they told me to visit during quiet hours as this place during certain times becomes really busy. Now that would be hard to shoot with lots of people around, right?

Once I sat at a table, there was a slight confusion that you had to order your food at the counter. As I was wondering whether they were going to take my order or not. I'm sure everyone else who has visited so far has been just as confused as I was.

Later on, though, waiting up for around 5 to 10 minutes. The staff eventually told me I had to order my food at the counter. Genesis is not like your regular fast food place. As it's filled with picturesque interiors, perfect for your Instagram feed with good vegan food. Besides that, everything else was so chilled and great to dine at.

Next Instagrammable Hotspot?

Every corner has such a pretty decor, whether downstairs or upstairs. I'd be surprised if this place didn't turn into the next instagrammable hot spot like Elan Cafe or Saint Aymes. As I said, it's one of those pretty places to visit for food and grab those instagrammable shots for your feed. Once you've ordered, you're provided with a buzzer pad. This lights up by letting you know your food is ready for collection. However, you don't have to worry about walking up and down for every single order, since they bring your food to the table instead.

On the menu, wow, where do I start?..literally so many options to choose from. Ranging from vegan snacks, burgers, hot dogs, fries, noodles, desserts, drinks, what more could you ask for?. However, as I already knew what I was looking for beforehand by looking at images on the Genesis Instagram page, I wasted no time ordering from their menu. Now that was pretty much nearly one item from each section.

What I ordered

I decided to go for the following food and drink:

  • Kimchi Fries
  • Chilaquiles Rojos
  • Char Kway Teow
  • Raw Cheesecake
  • Matcha Latte
  • Chocolate Milkshake

I've managed to grab a snapshot of their food menu below. You guys can have a sneak peek of what they have to offer. As well as having some sort of inspiration when you decide to visit soon.

Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Genesis Food Menu
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Drinks & Burger Menu in Genesis


A table filled with greenery, as soon as you walk in you witness lots of various plants displayed on every corner. Alongside those pink tiles to make those surroundings attractive and grammable!

Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Wild plant decor on the front table.

This wall where literally every foodie/Instagrammer sits down to take those perfect shots for their grams. To be honest I don't blame them, as it's the perfect backdrop to have with your food or yourself.

Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
An exquisite backdrop with a pink sofa.
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Pretty in Pink
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Pink interiors downstairs


This Malaysian street noodle was so good, I'm telling you. You have to try it out if you visit here again. The food here is just heavenly and makes you want to come back and try more. The noodles and maybe one other dish would really fill you, which happened to me but I kept pushing to try more.

Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Kimchi Fries, Matcha Latte, Raw Cheesecake
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Delicious Char Kway Teow (£9.50)
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Kimchi Fries (£6) (GF)
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Chilaquiles Rojos (£7.75)

Everything on the plate was really instagrammable and tasted absolutely delicious. Some of the food here you wouldn't be able to tell whether it's Gluten Free or Vegan. My stomach was full after two plates, I wished I could have gobbled more as it was so good but maybe for another day.

Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Overlooking Char Kway Teow (Malaysian Street Noodles)
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Matcha Latte (£5)
Genesis Food Review - Shoreditch
Chocolate Milkshake (£5.95)
Raw Cheesecake (GF) (£6)

Food: 9 out of 10
Service: 7 out of 10
Presentation 9 out of 10
Price: 7.5 out of 10
Experience: 9 out of 10


Overall: An 8.3 out of 10 for this place. I thought it was totally worth popping down to try out their menu and snap some of their pretty interiors. I highly recommend giving their food a try, because you'll easily be spoilt for choice with plenty to choose from. Hopefully, my review will help many of you decide what to order. In my opinion, the food was simply delicious. The service besides the slight confusion at the start, everyone was really kind/friendly and fun to talk to.

The presentation was mouth-watering and colourful. Therefore, I was pretty pleased with the choice of dishes. These days prices at most fast food places are usually high and the place it's based on, it's bound to be slightly pricey. Some may agree to say it's reasonable and some may not. I thought most of the items were pretty decent and affordable, nearly all of the dishes are priced under £10. You could say it's similar or cheaper than market prices when looking for lunch meals. If you are nearby or living around East London, It’s definitely worth a visit just to experience the food and decor. You'll definitely enjoy it! I would come back again if I was in the area, just trying out their vegan burgers or hot dogs next time from their menu.

Thanks for reading my food review post. Let me know where you would like to see me go next to review my blog. Suggestions are always welcome!

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was invited to a complimentary meal here at Genesis. However, all views are my own.

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