Farmacy Food Review – Notting Hill

Farmacy Food Review – Notting Hill


I decided to organise a meet up with a friend to try this vegan place called Farmacy in West London. After seeing the yummy pictures online like the one above the Middle Eastern bowl. Also, well-known people like Niomi Smart and other Top Vegan bloggers have recommended this. I felt I had to visit here one evening to see if there were as enough as there looked. The fact that Plant-based food is extremely popular will only become more so.

Raw Chocolate Tart £10

Although we saw the options on the mains, we both decided to have desserts instead. Seeming we both have a sweet tooth, desserts were only in our mind. I opted for the above and my friend opted for the Banana bread below.

Raw Chocolate Tart included a naturally sweetened with dates & served
with vanilla coconut ice cream & chocolate crumble. I was slightly disappointed as it w

Banana Bread gluten-free banana bread, caramelised bananas, peanut cream & peanut butter ice cream.

Banana Bread Dessert (GF) (VG) (£10)
Farmacy Kitchen Menu
Middle Eastern Bowl £15 (Credit: @FarmacyUK )


Overall experience, I felt this place was quite pricey and probably agree with the mixed reviews. I would have preferred to visit during the day to get better shots, but due to my 9-5 work schedule, sometimes it becomes difficult. The customer service was fine as the staff were friendly asking us if we needed anything and made sure everything was ok. Our food came quickly as well, after ordering so can’t complain about that. Finally, the presentation, although I kind of expected a bit better I was pleased with the banana bread but not too sure about the chocolate tart.

The chocolate tart wasn’t as nice as I thought it would have been. However, we were recommended by one of the staff members to opt for the Banana bread, hence why we decided to go for that too. I would say Banana bread was better looking and tastier than the raw chocolate tart.

You can find their set menu on their website here

Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
Price: 4/10
Experience: 7/10
Overall: 6.6/10

If you are already a vegan lover, then this place is definitely for you, but those who do not have vegan food on a daily basis may be slightly disappointed.

Have you visited Farmacy? what was your experience?

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