Halal Sweets Company

Halal Sweets Company

Halal Sweets Company

If you’re ever stuck on gift ideas or casually looking for something new to gift your families or friends. Look no further, as these guys have you covered.

You can even grab yourself a treat and gain a 15% discount here. By entering the following discount code ‘AdilMusa15‘ to your coupon when you order online. Perfect treats for any parties or upcoming birthdays.

Official Halal Sweets Company Box

They have selections to choose from such as different flavoured Bon Bons in a jar. A Ramadan Calendar filled with chocolate on each day. A perfect treat for the little ones to get excited about Ramadan, as they have chocolates to look forward to each day when they break their fast. I’m sure the adults themselves would dive into those too!

Also, they have a selection of individual flavoured sweets to choose from, which come in a jar only filled with those you select. This include likes of Cola Bottles, Giant Strawberries, Gummy Bears, Marshmallows and many more scrumptious sweets. You can find personalised cards and mugs filled with chocolates too, which would be a good choice for any special occasions coming up. This could be for Eid, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Ramadan or any others.

Further to that, you can check out a small choice of party bags, for birthdays and other-other events. The hamper boxes they have on offer has a range of boxes filled with either jars or mini packets filled with sweets. Unless you prefer something small to share or have for yourself then the sweet cones would be your ideal choice. They have marshmallows, mixed sweets, hearts and flying saucers, where lots of people tend to enjoy.

Halal Sweets Box

Collection of sweets to share
Picking up some yummy treats
Boxed and packed in beautiful packets.
Halal Sweet Box
Halal Sweets Company Box
Which one would you choose?
Banana’s, Jelly Beans, Love Hearts, Teeths, Candy Bottles
A selection of halal sweets
Take your pick!
Sweet boxes

Halal Sweet Company, were kind enough to send me a Halal sweet box to share with my readers. Before I did so I decided to use my creativity to create a clock with some of the sweets provided. As most people know, here in the UK clocks go back an hour from the 28th October, so an extra hour to sleep! Hurray! 😀

Let me know what you think of my creation below?! Yay or Nay!? Created this ahead of the clock’s moving back an hour here in the UK, as winter arrives.

My Creativity with halal sweets
Using Halal sweets company to recreate a piece of art

You can find all the price range for each product on those texts hyperlinked.

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Disclaimer: I was sent these box of treats for a review.


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