Hamleys Christmas Toy Parade

Hamley's Toy Store Parade

188-196 Regent St
Soho, London
Website: http://www.hamleys.com


The day kicked off with the biggest toy parade London has ever seen back in November 2016. Toy Parade started at 10:30 a.m. from the entrance to Air Street. Working its way up Regent Street and concluding at Great Marlborough Street. I did not catch the beginning part as my nephews were at their swimming classes but managed to be there for 1:30ish. I felt this was more than enough time as it ended at 4:30 p.m. with fireworks to end a fun event.

The whole of Regent Street was blocked off with stalls and characters from CBeebies, TV and film characters. These included the Sky Cinema Movie Bus, CBeebies Village, NERF Vault, Power Rangers Power Dome, and My Little Pony Bus. Many activities were happening for kids to enjoy themselves.

Also, if that was not enough there were plenty of acts on two separate stages. The main stage for various acts and a CBeebies stage outside Hamleys. These included a Stagecoach Dance Troupe, Basil Brush live shows as the main acts. On the CBeebies stage, they had Justin Live, everything Rosie and Postman Pat.

Hamley's Parade Vlog here

Hamleys Christmas Toy Parade

As you come out of Oxford Circus station. The first thing we saw was Ghostbusters car and floating ghost balloons. As we then walked into a huge crowd of people at the toy parade with the old school classic movies and cartoons.

Taking a snap with the classic, as everyone remembers the famous catchphrase "Who you gonna call"? GHOSTBUSTERS.

Danger Mouse

One classic cartoon TV show that caught my eye was this amazing yellow *Danger Mouse* vehicle. This looked like a classic turbo car to drive in. This truly brought back childhood memories, as I used to watch this all the time after primary school had finished on TV.

Hamleys Christmas Toy ParadeHamleys Christmas Toy ParadeHamleys Christmas Toy Parade

Basil Brush Show

Basil Brush live was the only show I caught live and the majority of it. The crowd was huge each time a show was on being shown live on the main stage as I tried to get to the front. I did manage to record some of the live shows as well as other stalls, which were on the road. You can see my vlog from Hamley's parade above on YouTube.

Hamleys Christmas Toy ParadeHamleys Christmas Toy Parade

Sonic Boom and Transformers were other classic shows that stood out. Especially, the Sonic games I used to love those running around in circles and collecting rings. I'm sure everyone remembers those classic games on their Nintendo's or even perhaps on their mobiles.

Also, from the movie and the yellow car above looked the part known as Bumblebee from Transformers the movie. 

Hamleys Christmas Toy Paradesnapchat-17958127761.jpgsnapchat-1620162409.jpg

My nephews enjoyed watching the TV show and playing Sonic games. I felt I should get a photo of the character and the only closest one was with Sonic balloon. As the queue for seeing three Sonic Boom characters was ridiculous, far too long approx 30 mins or so. We tried queuing up but kept being cut off as we got closer to the front. As they were only a certain amount of people who were allowed to go see them queued up who got to see them.


Regent Street Packed


Although we did not manage to see most of the characters in person. I did manage to speak and gain a few of the Ghostbusters character's attention. As they were wandering around regent street in their costumes. Hence, I got my nephews to take photos with them. We also saw Play-Doh up close making their way out of their stall as they met and greeted people. Hamley's toy parade ended with plenty of fireworks on display for people to view and enjoy. This was a great ending and exciting for many young adults to witness an eventful day.

To end I must say, I probably enjoyed the toy parade more than my nephews did. I ended up taking lots of video footage and pictures the majority of the time of those characters who were greeting people. Most importantly, as long as my nephews enjoyed themselves as well that should all matter. I'm pretty certain they did despite the freezing cold weather outdoors.

My birthday is only a few days away and I'm certainly looking forward to relaxing and enjoying a day to myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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Much appreciated.

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  1. Mark
    10/11/2022 / 5:49 PM

    You say "The day kicks off...." what is the day, where's the date!

    • Adil Musa
      11/11/2022 / 9:46 AM

      Sorry, this was back in November 2016, they haven't done one of these parades for a long time.

  2. Irene
    29/11/2016 / 8:32 PM

    I was just there! Your photo made me happy. 🙂

    • Adil Musa
      29/11/2016 / 9:34 PM

      Hope you enjoyed yourself☺ Xmas lights are stunning right?! They never fail to amaze in london

      • Irene
        03/12/2016 / 3:05 PM

        Loved it! ?

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