Kidtropolis | UK Event at Excel

Kidtropolis | UK Event at Excel


The UK’s best children’s event, Kidtropolis, has returned to London and to Excel. As the half-term arrived, it was the perfect time to host an event to get the kids entertained for half a day.

Held across three days from Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd October and during separate AM & PM sessions. Pricing to get hold of the tickets was £13.20, which could be booked via their website.

I managed to visit Kidtropolis on the 21st of Oct the second day with my niece & nephew. This was the only chance to see Disney’s descendants, Jane, also known as Brenna D’Amico. She truly was a sweetheart, it was so nice to see so many descendants of fans wanting to give her a hug and take photos throughout the day. I can only imagine how exhausted she was speaking to lots of people and doing live Q&A throughout the two whole days.


Kidtropolis YouTube Vlog


When we arrived at the Kidtropolis event, the reaction of my niece and nephew was priceless. Filled with excitement, they didn’t know where to start as we walked in. Therefore, as we walked further down me, my niece and nephew decided to go on the carousel first since that caught my niece’s eyes straight away. Both of my nephew & niece enjoyed the 3-4 minute carousel going in circles.

Right after that, I decided to take them around the hall and we noticed a lot of queues everywhere. I wanted to go see Brenna first since there were allocated slots for people to be in their stands. We had a bit of time, so I decided to take my nephew on the trampoline before we decided to go and meet Brenna.

Riding the Carousel
Carousel at Kidtropolis

Youth Creation Dancers

After meeting Brenna from ‘Descendants’, we decided to take photos in a cool ball with the Grinch, which threw snowmaking you feel the magical experience with the Grinch character. Whilst we queued up to take photos with the Grinch, the ever so talented ‘Youth Creation Dancers’ were performing. I decided to check this out and wow, I was amazed by their performance. A must see their performance when I get a chance to upload my new vlog on YouTube later this week.

Youth Creation Dancers
Youth Creation Dancers

After that, we decided to go on to the large Inflatable Assault Course at the far end of the hall. It was truly fun, as everyone was racing to get to the finish line. There were people going multiple times as they had no queues for this. It seemed to be the most popular one. It sure does take a lot of agility and stamina, if you want to do it quickly. Boy, I did it pretty fast though. My niece and nephew loved this course, which made them really tired.

Following, the obstacle course, we decided to go on a small meet and greet tour with all the characters around. A bit of a disappointment was missing out on seeing Pikachu wandering around, but got to see everyone else. Such as ‘Masha and the Bear, ‘My Little Pony, Boxtrolls, Jussaric World, Lorax, Odd Bod, and a member of Thunderbird’s.

Masha and The Bear
Jurassic World
Brenna D’Amico and I
Lorax along with my Niece & Nephew
Thunderbirds are GO!
My Little Pony

Brenna D’Amico

Disney’s Descendants ‘Jane’ with my niece & nephew

As I tried to see as much as we could, we went to see Brenna from Descendants doing a Live Q&A on stage. So many new interesting parts are heard about the new Descendants 3 and her upcoming projects. Props to Brenna, ever so talented and at such a young age.

Brenna D’Amico
Live Q&A with Brenna D’Amico

Robot War Live

Once that was over, we headed down to the other side of the hall to watch ‘Robots War Live’ battling it out to be a worthy machine. It was quite entertaining to watch, where two machines went head to head smashing each other apart.

Robots Live

Kinetic Sand

We had a few moments left of the event, so we decided to go around one more time and explore the place. We spent some time playing with the Kinetic Sand, which looked so cool and squishy to play with. Kids were basically creating shapes and objects with the sand, which was a favourite for sure.

Mad Science
Inflatable Obstacle Course
Down you go the Jungle slide.
Kinetic Sand
Trampoline Jump
Fun Kids Radio Station
Mini Go Kart
Bumpy Cars
AJ Balloon Magic

The finale to the Kidtropolis event was totally worth the wait. My niece and nephew and I sat down on the live show stage, witnessing the ‘West End Kids’ perform live musicals of Disney’s Moana. ‘ The performance was worthy of a watch, which lasted 20mins. These lots were a very talented bunch of performers.

West End Kids Performing
Disney’s Moana
West End Kids Live


I would like to thank the team at Kidtropolis for pulling off such an eventful day and for the tickets. It truly brought a huge smile to my niece and nephew’s faces. If you’re wondering whether to go or not, head down to their next tour, which is going to be held in Birmingham next summer.

The only issues you may come across are the queues for each ride. You have to be selective with your choices and plan where you want to go. Exactly what I did, looked at their timetable from the magazine they offer and went into each area so as you only have 4 hours to do everything.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post as much as I did. It was a perfect start for the young ones to keep excited for a few days. Keep an eye out for the vlog later this week. It will give you a taste of what you missed out on and can see next time.

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary tickets.

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