Lebanese Bakery London Review

Lebanese Bakery London

Lebanese Bakery London Address: Drury House, Russell St, London, WC2B 5HA
Tel: 020 3883 9033
Opening: 9am-10pm
Nearest Station: Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line Underground)

Ever tried Lebanese street food? Here comes the Lebanese Bakery London, from the land of Beirut to London.

TLB’s vision is to revive Lebanese pride by developing a manousheh, while remaining strongly rooted in its food heritage and traditions. This place is slightly new, although it's been nearly a year since they first opened in London. They are a relatively small restaurant, which fits approx 30 odd people in one space.

Street Food

Here at the Lebanese Bakery London, they are known for their street food. They have breakfast being served as well as main meals which could be eaten all day. Hence, the pricing is pretty reasonable I must say in terms of the site.

The Lebanese Bakery specialises in flatbread, which is known as manousheh. However, there is a range of different options to choose from their menu. If you're looking for a good brunch spot or just a spot to hang out with your friends, this is a place to go to.

The Lebanese Bakery London now serves all fully halal dishes. The fact that you can see your food being freshly made is great. Especially for those foodies who love capturing food in the making and having the smell flow by. Simply perfect!

As this was an invitation opportunity. I took my closest one, which is my sister and brother-in-law, for an afternoon out in Central London. Therefore, I managed to capture a lot more food pictures than I expected.

You can find what they have to offer from the menu here. After eyeing the menu for 5 to 10 minutes, we decided to pick the following as shown below.

Chicken Djej - Lebanese Bakery London

Marinated chicken breast, lettuce, pickles and garlic spread (G, E)

Lebanese Bakery London Review
Chicken Djej £7.25

This choice of pizza was soft, but you can't go wrong with chicken most of the time. This is why we went for a safe option with this one. Although it was quite dry, I thought it could have had more flavour to it. This pizza was filled with marinated chicken breast, lettuce, pickles and garlic spread.

Lahmeh Bi Ajin - Lebanese Bakery London

Minced beef & lamb, onions, tomatoes, green bell peppers (G)

Lebanese Bakery London Review
Lahmeh Bi Ajin £7

Hummus & Beetroot

Chickpeas and Tahini are spread with roasted beetroot, wild rocket, fresh thyme and toasted pine nuts (G, S, N)

Lebanese Bakery London Review
Hummus & Beetroot £5.50

Baked Eggs & Awarma

Free range eggs and lamb confit (G, E)

This Baked Eggs & Awarma was by far the winner, from all the choice of dishes we decided on. This was the most enjoyable one. The baked egged and awarma was freshly warm served and it tasted pretty delightful. I would definitely recommend opting for baked eggs if you intend to visit for a cheeky breakfast or lunch meal.

Lebanese Bakery London Review
Baked Eggs & Awarma £6.75

Haleweh & Strawberry

This was by far the most picturesque of them all. Hence why I decided to opt for it, although it wasn't the best option as pictures can be deceiving. Honestly, I did not enjoy it, providing it had no taste whatsoever. It felt like I just had strawberries on bread.

Lebanese Bakery London Review
Haleweh & Strawberry £5.25
Lebanese Bakery London
Halewah & Strawberry + Hummus


In summary, the food was pretty decent. Personally, it was enough for lunch as it was light. I enjoyed the looks of the strawberries and halewah but that was my least favourite choice of item from them all. In fairness, my brother-in-law decided to share the strawberry & haleweh with the people next to us, which was kind of him.

However, my personal favourites by far were the baked eggs and Awarma. I and my sister really enjoyed the baked eggs and shawarma. One thing I forgot to try here was their dessert, but because we ordered a bit. I just felt that we had more than enough for the day. Perhaps next time!

The service here was good, although we had to wait for 5 to 10 minutes as the tables were full. We didn't mind that too much as we were busy deciding on what to order. Pricing wise, it depends how you look at it, for that place and if you're looking for lunch it's pretty reasonable.

The experience at the Lebanese Bakery London was great. I managed to see how the food was made in front of our table. We also met some lovely people next to us from the Brexit protesters that weekend, so overall yes it was great, especially when you visited as a group.

Food: 5 out of 10
Ambience: 7 out of 10
Service: 8 out of 10
Price: 7 out of 10
Experience: 6 out of 10

Total: 6.6 out of 10

Have you been here and what are your thoughts?

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was invited to this restaurant. However, this post written are all my opinions.

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