Maida Restaurant

Maida Restaurant

Maida Restaurant

Address: 148-150 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG
Telephone: 0207 739 2645

Last night, I gathered with 9 of my cousin brothers after a long while as we are so busy with our lives, it’s very hard to gather everyone together. Therefore, a couple of weeks before a group chat, we planned to get together and go to a HMC/Halal restaurant called Maida based in Bethnal Green.

There are well-known for their food and catering in Blackburn as they a branch over in Blackburn and in London. We reserved a spot for 7:30 pm for 10 of us beforehand, but as we entered the building the place was pretty empty on a Friday evening with only few seats filled up.

Firstly, we started with the starters, we ordered separate items on my side of the table, we had a mixed grill and Murgh malai tikka. As good as some of the chicken pieces may look, some of the pieces were slightly overcooked and bland. The starters came all in one go and as well the drinks we ordered.

These chicken pieces here did not have any extra flavour and nice presentation to this. On the mixed grill plate, it included combinations of Mahi fish Tikka, Tandoori prawns, Murgh Malai, Tandoori lamb chops & Lamb Sheekh kebab. I liked the kebab and lamb chops, but the chicken pieces really made me bloated and not great as my body was telling me to stop.

I would say the starters are pretty much more than enough and we should have stopped ordering any further, as it did fill us up all especially having a drink on the side too.

The drink I ordered was a mocktail called ‘Mr Green’ a mix of apple juice, kiwi, a lemonade & dash of lemon, garnished with a cherry, maybe this was one of the only thing good about presentation wise.

I enjoyed the drink but it sure did fill me up as I could not finish my main meal, which was the butter chicken along with some buttered naan. As I could not finish my mains I took back the rest for my parents to enjoy some of the feasts we had. What my cousins ordered from their new menu which included the burger and wraps was the BBQ Burger as shown below. Their outcome was again average, but as there were so full of the starters, there were not able to finish the main meals.

The downside was when we ordered a dessert, it did not arrive for a while, I had to ask again to remind them as we were waiting to leave. After speaking to the other staff member, he made us aware the guy I placed an order to be new and did not place it in the system, that was a bit of downer about service.







MR. GREEN £3.95





Overall experience, although it was fun and great gathering together with my cousin brothers since Eid. I felt the food and presentation were average as none of them looked really stand out picturesque for me.

The service was okay, asked if we needed anything but I was slightly disappointed in making us wait a while for desserts as there had forgotten about our order. I enjoyed their sizzling waffle dessert probably the only thing I really liked as a chocolate lover and having a sweet tooth. The atmosphere was fairly quiet and reasonable as we sat the middle of the restaurant towards the sofa.

Food: 5/10
Pricing: 7/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Service: 6/10
Presentation: 5/10
Experience: 6/10

Overall, I will give this place a rating of a 5.5/10.

All their meats are Halal as stated on their menu.

For further clarity, the London & Blackburn Maida are both HMC.

Thanks for having a read through my food experience. What are your favourite Indian cuisines? I would love to hear your thoughts on the comment section below.


Adil Musa


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