Maitre Choux Review | King's Road

Maitre Choux

Maitre Choux Address: 59 King’s Road, London, SW3 4ND
Nearest Station: Sloane Square (Piccadilly Underground Station)

Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
Colourful Eclairs on display.

Maitre Choux is a Multi Award-winning ‘Joakim Prat Pastry Chef, the maker of this colourful patisserie French Eclairs, Choux & Chouquettes, is a must to check out in London. If you are heading towards Chelsea and looking for delicious treats. Head down to Kings Road and check out these best-looking pastries in town.

Having made a trip down Kings Road last night. I noticed that Maitre Choux has now opened a new branch on Kings Road. I ordered a new Dark Chocolate & Earl Grey Eclair and the Persian Pistachio eclair. They give out complimentary chouquettes for those visiting to try for themselves.

Floral backdrop

It was recently opened last week and is literally filled with pink floral walls. I noticed many people popping by just to take pictures of the floral wall backdrop. You’ll spot the floral wall backdrop at the back and front of the store as you enter. It’s the perfect way to sit back and relax by the floral wall. Indulge in these delicious pastries or have afternoon tea. If you’re ever looking for those perfect Instagrammable shots.

At Maitre Choux, they only accept card payments and not cash.

Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
Let there be Eclairs, a beautiful floral setting by Maitre Choux. Kings Road

Choux pastry is a light dough that rises in the oven, leaving the inside soft and hollow, whilst the outside is golden and crispy. Definitely a creative work of art created by Joakim. A perfect treat for a gift for your friends and family.

After seeing these irresistible eclairs quite often on the Maitre Choux Instagram page. I felt I had to go and pay a visit on my way home from work one day. Located just a few minutes walk from Sloane Square Station. These desserts come in various toppings, and the colours are simply gorgeous. Prices for each eclairs, choux & chouquettes vary. You can check out from their website or at their stores.

King's Road

There is also a branch at 59 King's Rd, Chelsea, London. As well as the South Kensington branch just a minutes’ walk from the ‘South Kensington Station.’ This branch is located at 15 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London, SW7 3ES.

Also, Maitre Choux now serves halal pastries, so you do not need to worry about checking whether they contain gelatine or not anymore. Also, if you’re a fan of afternoon tea. Then you’ll love their new addition with a nice bright colourful pastry and treats along with your afternoon tea.

Maître Choux sells eclairs and choux in a range of flavours: Pure Arabica Coffee, Spanish Raspberry Pink, Italian Lemon Meringue, Persian Pistachio, Tahitian Vanilla and Pecan, Salted Butter with Homemade Caramel, Very Dark Multi-Origin Chocolate and a new addition called Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Eclair.

Everything looks lush and photo-worthy here at Maitre Choux, and the prices vary on each eclair, which you can check inside their store or online for pricing. Eclairs cost less when you’re buying them as a takeaway but cost slightly more when you dine inside.

Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
Maitre Choux now has a floral backdrop.
Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
New eclairs on display at Kings Road
Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
Maitre Choux entrance full of colourful eclairs
Maitre Choux Review | King's Road
Table settings Goals for Maitre Choux
Maitre Choux
Mouthwatering choices of colourful eclairs


Prices range from £4.90 up to £5.80, not only do they have a store. They cover events, parties and other celebrations, which make those pastry-looking delightful. There is also a selection of Choux Boxes full of beautiful red roses online.

These pastries are now confirmed halal to eat.

Pleased to see that they now serve halal products, as they all look so irresistible and amazing to have. I hope you enjoyed the mouth-watering pictures here, let me know your favourite eclair on my Instagram page.

Feel free to share or suggest some of your favourite places in the comment box below.

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  1. Janet
    12/04/2020 / 11:00 PM

    Hi, do you by any chance know the name of the baby pink eclair or at least what it's made of? Maybe you have a picture of the name or just remember? Thanks

    • Adil Musa
      13/04/2020 / 10:44 AM

      It's called the pink love and I think they have changed the look of this now, as it's a year or two old.

  2. mumsthewordblog1
    04/06/2017 / 6:15 AM

    Seem Expensive but they do look yummy! ??

    • Adil Musa
      04/06/2017 / 9:47 AM

      There were but worth trying out once! Totally worth snapping or having a try thats for sure?

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