Mr Singh’s Pizza

Mr Singh’s Pizza

Mr Singh’s Pizza

Address: 387 Eastern Ave, Gants Hill, IG2 6LR
Telephone: 0208 270 1234
Nearest Station: Gants Hill (Central Line)


A new year and a new post for 2017.

Last weekend on Saturday night, I went to try out ‘The world famous original all vegetarian pizza place’ as stated on their Instagram.  The newly opened ‘Mr Singh’s Pizza’ in Gants Hill, London. There have branches elsewhere in UK, but are mainly well known in Birmingham.

This was my second time, as I had a Vegetarian ‘Chicken Style Burger’ burger previously but as their specialist for Pizza. I felt as I must visit Mr Singh’s Pizza again just to check out how their pizza tastes.

Although I had a takeaway on both occasions, the staff members were pretty friendly and helpful. However, there currently are not delivering in London, as everything is a collection only via a telephone call or making an order on the spot. I have to say there were pretty fast with their orders as my pizza only took 15 mins to be ready. Anyhow if you are looking to pay via your credit card or debit they currently do not cater for that as I had to take out cash for payments.

The pizza I ordered was a £9.99 Medium sized ‘Veggie Meat Feast’, toppings included  Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella, Veggie Sausage, Veggie Pepperoni and Veggie Tandoori Chicken.


As appealing as it may look, I felt it was slightly dry but the overall taste this pizza was nice as I did manage to finish all but a couple of slices, which I left for my mother to have a taste. To be honest the leftover slices the next day did taste much better, maybe due to being heated up in the microwave as you could see the cheese being stretched when eaten.

Medium Veggie Meat Feast (£9.99)

Mr Singh’s Pizza does not only serve Veggie Pizza’s but as mentioned above, their serve Burgers, Wraps, starters and desserts for those dessert lovers. Price ranging from £2 with starters and up to £15 for Pizzas.

Rest of the menu served at Mr Singh’s Pizza in Gant’s Hill can be found at this link here.

Overall, I recommend experiencing as a couple or with family if you are local and not too far from Gants Hill just to experience the atmosphere and service. If I was to go again I would try out the Vegetable Supreme Pizza.

20161231_201932 (1).jpg

Also only for this month of January or Veganuary as there call it. There has a special offer going on with a 10% discount for all vegans orders, so act quickly before you miss out on the January offer.

Has anyone else been? if so what have you bought or have in mind to purchase for next time?

What would you like to see reviewed next in my blog post? Leave your comments down below.

Much appreciated.

Adil Musa


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