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Parkside Farm | Visiting pick your own farm

Parkside Farm

Parkside Farm Website: http://www.parksidefarmpyo.co.uk/
Address: Parkside Farm, Hadley Rd, Enfield EN2 8LA
Tel: 020 8367 2035

“Every Family has a duty and obligation to keep good ties with another and their close relations”.

A Saturday afternoon in summer July was truly a perfect day to and go visit Parkside Farm for the first time. What better way to spend some quality time with my whole family gathered together at a farm. Picking plenty of strawberries and vegetables, since we were all free to take a road trip down to Enfield, London.


Parkside Farm | Visiting pick your own farm


The view of the farm from the top was just astonishing. This place does get really busy very quickly with lots of families gathering, picnicking and kids running down across empty fields. The timing we managed to go and visit Parkside Farm was straight after 2 pm. It did start to get really busy as it was near towards the end of the day but it was not ideal if you wanted to stay longer. As we had to rush back as we got told it was closing soon since queues were seriously long. I recommend going there very early in the morning, so you avoid the long queue and get the first pick of fresh fruits and veg they have.

However, the great thing about this place is that they give you baskets and bags at the entrance. Before you head to the fields to collect those fruits & veg then you’re pretty much free to roam around. Also on another positive note about this place is the fact they show signs of wear all those various fruits and veg are placed at, so if you’re visiting just for a specific fruit or veg then these signs are ideal for you, otherwise, there is plenty of stuff to explore around.20160813_213404

Bags of Fruit

What we found first and collected were a whole load of strawberries in our baskets. At the start, all we managed to see were plenty of strawberries all over the place. After going further up we saw courgettes, french beans, spinach, berries, onions, beetroot. As you can see from the image above partly what we all collected in our baskets.

Follow the long haul of finding fruit and veg. We all decided to go to the top of the hill and have a little picnic with my family. as captured below the family head towards the top of a hill but stunned by the view over the hills. It was one beautiful scene at the top as captured from my S6 Edge.


Picturesque Farm

My father and uncle are admiring the scenery halfway down. Eventually towards the end, as it was coming to its closing time, we had little time for kids to have a race from the top of the hill and down, which was such a stunning viewing as you could see their smile and laughter whilst running down. Capturing them racing down was the best part as you could see their facial expressions with an amazing sight over the hills.

To end I have to say our fridges were filled with all these strawberries that were collected. However, how beautiful are these strawberries below. I picked plenty of them as we walked along since these were the most collected fruits from our hunt for fruits and vegetables. There were so many fresh and nice strawberries to choose from their crops.


Parkside Farm | Visiting pick your own farm
Parkside Farm | Visiting pick your own farm

Parkside Farm


Thank you once again for checking my latest blog post. Do leave your opinion on what you would like to see next.

You can check out ‘Parkside Farm‘ website. See what kind of fruit and veg they have on offer in specific months and prices. If you want to take those collections of fruits & veg home.

This place is worth recommending to others to go and visit ‘Enfield’s Parkside Farm’ with your friends and family. One place you would not regret coming here for sure. This farm is in such peaceful surroundings away from distraction.

Much appreciated for reading my blog post.

Adil Musa

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