Peppermill Restaurant - Dubai Mall

Peppermill Restaurant

Peppermill Address: Above Apple Store, The Dubai Mall - 2nd Floor - Financial Center Rd - Dubai
Nearest Station: Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall (Metro Red Line)
Tel: 971-4-332-7337

Peppermill Dubai is a popular fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Dubai. The restaurant is renowned for its exceptional service, luxurious atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. Peppermill Dubai offers a diverse range of cuisine including Indian, Chinese, Continental and Arabian. This makes it a popular dining destination for food lovers.

The eatery is well-known for its exquisite Arabian grills, Chinese stir-fries, and exotic Indian biryanis. The restaurant's decor is exquisitely designed, with luxurious furnishings. Creating an opulent and cosy dining atmosphere. The ideal ambience for memorable dining is created by the cosy lighting, cosy seats, and attractive table settings.

Interiors at Peppermill Dubai
Interiors at Peppermill Dubai

Peppermill Experience

There is a lot to discover at Dubai Mall, so shopping there does wear you out. My wife and I wanted to eat at an Indian restaurant after spending the day travelling. Late at night, this was the only location we could find in the area. There weren't many diners when we arrived. Nevertheless, you can find a variety of dining settings to choose from. This includes a booth and both indoor and outdoor tables.

We were given a seat by the window because the booth was already full. Our preferred dish was available for ordering as we perused the menu and made our selection. Our dinner and drink arrived after just 10 minutes, so the wait wasn't too unpleasant.

The platter struck us as a wise decision. You can eat a variety of various street foods, after all. But given that we've been eating chicken for the past three days. Therefore, I decided it would be best to order something else and asked a member of the staff what the most well-liked meat dish on the menu was. They told us it was the "Awadhi Murgh Korma".

One of the staff members informed us we could go outside. If we wanted to take some photos after we finished our dinner. I grabbed the chance to walk outside and take some pictures of the scenery. You could see parts of the skyline and the dancing fountain from the views, which were pretty amazing.

The service at Peppermill Dubai is impeccable. The friendly staff are always on hand to make sure that each guest has a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant also offers private dining rooms. Those who would like to celebrate a special occasion or host a business event.

Dining outdoors with a view of Dubai City
Dining outdoors with a view of Dubai City

What We Ordered:

  • Chaat Platter 60 AED
  • Awadi Murgh Korma 62 AED
  • Naan 8 AED
  • Pomegranate Blush 26 AED
  • Mojito 26 AED

Chaat Platter 60 AED

This sharing platter of street cuisine featured a variety of dishes. On the platter were Samosas, Palak Chaat, Tamarind Potato, Dahi Bhalla, and Pindi Chole. We enjoyed eating the delicious paani puri. Also delicious were the palak chaat and samosas.

Chaat Platter at Peppermill
Chaat Platter at Peppermill

Awadhi Murgh Korma 66 AED

I had never had anything with nuts in an Indian curry, so this dish was new to me. The recipe included boneless chicken, cashew nut gravy, and brown onion cardamom gravy as a finishing sauce. It didn't particularly wow me, but thankfully the chaat was filling, so I was satisfied after that meal. It had a mediocre flavour and was a little too sweet to eat with the naan. For that reason, I just ate the boneless chunks because I didn't like the curry as much.

Awadhi Murgh Korma
Awadhi Murgh Korma 66 AED

Peppermill Restuarant Beverages

There wasn't a wide selection of drinks available, notably mocktails. In addition, there were a few beverages with an Indian flavour, tea, and smoothies. On the other hand, we chose the Mojito and Pomegranate Blush. The Berrylious was not available at that time of day. It was okay to rehydrate ourselves with both drinks, so they weren't bad.

Pomegranate Blush
Pomegranate Blush 26 AED
Moijito at Peppermill Restaurant
Moijito at Peppermill Restaurant


In conclusion, Peppermill Dubai is the ideal dining location for anyone who values high-quality cuisine. First-rate service, and an opulent setting. Look no further than Peppermill Dubai if you want a spectacular dining experience in Dubai. The chaat platter was my favourite food, but that was all. I should have chosen something else from their menu, like their bhuna ghost. I found their service was good being that we received timely assistance as required. Even if most of the items were a touch pricy, the cost was still affordable when compared to other restaurants in Dubai, where it was higher.

The opportunity to check outside added to the positive experience. Additionally, when I took pictures of the food or films of it, I wasn't disturbed. Last but not least, I think the dish was presented tastefully and the curry was prepared nicely.

Food: 6 out of 10
Service: 8 out of 10
Price: 8 out of 10
Experience: 9 out of 10
Presentation: 8 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given this restaurant a 7.8 out of 10.

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