Roomali Food Review | Blackburn

Roomali (Blackburn)

Roomali Address: 1 Lower Cockcroft, Blackburn BB2 1JX

Tel: 01254 677622


Opening: 5 pm - 11 pm beside Sunday closed at 10:30 and Monday Closed

During our three-night stay in Blackburn, earlier this month. I was recommended by a friend to check out Roomali restaurant. Therefore, I decided to take the whole family to dine at this really pleasant place after our visit to the Knowsley Safari in Liverpool.

Roomali has various facilities, which makes it attractive to eat. A restaurant filled with 2 floors with a nice family vibe environment, a room, allowing 8 people to sit on at an Arabian style themed with cushions. Providing you with privacy with open and closed curtains. However, by the time we arrived in the evening, that area was already filled with people, so we had to settle for an open table downstairs.


Staff are really respectable and friendly, giving you privacy if you are in that closed curtain atmosphere. When we had a look at the menu and made a decision, they told us what would be ideal and what would be suited to feed X amount of people. I found that really impressive as then you don't tend to waste food for the extra cost. The furniture and decor of the restaurant looked just like you're at a wedding hall. The food here is generally served very quickly and as soon as you order your food, you don't tend to wait too long for it to arrive. After having a quick skim of the menu, as a family, we all decided to opt for the popular 'Roomali Tawa Feast' cost of £45.

Tawa Dish

This included a selection of various dishes in one tawa, with the likes of Tarka Daal, Chicken Karahi, Lamb Karahi, Lamb Chops, Seekh Kebabs and Chicken Tikka served with 2 Naans and 2 x Rotis, salad and chips. They ask you whether you want it Spicy or Mild, best to opt for spice for the extra flavour/taste, the perfect dish to share amongst others.

The Tawa dish pretty much filled the whole family of 8, as we only had to order extra chips for the kids and 1 Lamb Karahi. The food was somewhat delicious and I would highly recommend coming here to try out their Tawa. Amazing dishes of food with great service here. The price here I found to be reasonable not too high as other restaurants. As our bill came to up just below £60 for the 8 as we didn't need to order much.

Menu at Roomali

Roomali Food Review | Blackburn
Roomali's Food Menu
Roomali Food Review | Blackburn
Dining table at Roomali's

Roomali Food Review | Blackburn
Selection of various Indian dishes
Sheekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Tarka Daal, Steak Chips,


My verdict from here is the fact I would come back, but just to experience the closed curtains Arabian style cushion seating. As that sounds and looks pretty cool especially dining with others. The food here I found was exceptional and divine. I recommend booking in advance if you want to dine in that dastarkhan area as we found out it was all reserved when we arrived. This has become one of my favourites and at a reasonable price as well.

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Experience: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
Total: 8.6 out of 10

Let me know your thoughts, have you been to this restaurant in Blackburn, UK?

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