Saint Aymes Cafe

Saint Aymes Cafe

Saint Aymes Chocolates

Address: 59 Connaught St,
London, W2 2BB
Tel: 07807207998
Nearest Station: Marble Arch (Underground)

Wisteria Framed at Saint Aymes

Earlier this week, I visited ‘Saint Aymes Chocolate’ cafe near Marble Arch Station. I’ve been looking forward to visiting here ever since it’s been all over my Insta feed for the past month or so. There certainly has the style to make this place really photogenic. This place is literally another Instagram heaven café, you certainly will not be disappointed once you walk past. Literally, people love the floral wisteria decoration they have at their main entrance, you always tend to find people snapping away whilst passing by. However, I do not blame them at all because it’s probably up there with the top list of the prettiest and enchanting cafes in London.

Saint Aymes have just opened up recently earlier this year by the two most kind-hearted sisters Michela and Lois Wilson. It’s a perfect spot when the weather is warm to sit around the wisteria framed decoration and have a Hot Chocolate with either some croissants or unicorn biscuits. Likewise, there serve breakfast too, if you’re feeling peckish for some food then you’ll be covered.

Not many people still know where this place is or know about it, so it’s best to be there quick to get those perfect shots as I can imagine this place will be overwhelmed with people during the summer period.

Interiors at Saint Aymes

The interiors downstairs and upstairs are really eye-catching and you would easily fall in love with the amount of floral and antiques there is around here. Even though there have two beautiful floral walls upstairs, if it gets busy upstairs you could go downstairs and sit around another stunning floral wall display with a pink sofa to have your food and tea.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate & Cookies
Unicorn Cookie
Gourmet Hot Chocolate

The Gourmet hot chocolate was divine, but in my thoughts, it seemed quite expensive £9.95 for just one glass. Also, the small unicorn cookie costs about £3.85. Although you may need some water along with you as it tends to dry up in your mouth, kindly enough Lois one of the co-owner provided me with some water to have along with the cookie.

Macaroons at Saint Aymes

These macaroons were one of the many most pleasant-looking treats on their table when you first enter this cafe.

Wisteria frames at Saint Aymes
Pink Cakes!
Art of luxury
Floral art at Saint Aymes
Beautiful Floral styled wall

Overall experience, I loved it, as Saint Aymes co-founders were really kind and welcoming. I would recommend visiting during the daytime If you’re looking to grab those perfect snaps. Although I did not have the food, maybe another day, but the chocolates and the hot drinks here are a must to try. The pricing seemed a bit high for the items, but it’s in Central London, where prices tend to be high as its quality/style there look out.


Collection of Macarons! 😀



Unicorn Cookies!


Currently, there are open from 10 am to 6 pm every day and Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm.

Saint Aymes will be a perfect summer spot, especially with wisteria season being around the corner and I think people will be filling up their feeds with wisteria. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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