Taste of London

Taste of London


TASTE OF LONDON WAS BACK AT TOBACCO DOCKS FOR ITS LAST HURDLE OF THE YEAR, a crowd of over thousands turned up to enjoy the festive season at Taste.

This event ‘Taste of London’ happens twice a year, one held outdoors during summer periods of June, where I hear it gathers a huge crowd of over 50,000 people and the other relatively smaller towards the end of the year, which I attended On Saturday 19th November my first time visiting Taste of London and I could not wait to see and explore what the hype was all about when people all over social media have been talking about this event at Taste of London.

At first when I arrived during snapchat-207336064the early hours of 11:30ish, I manage to get my exhibitors wristband to enter and the first thing I saw when I entered was the huge bright red logo of ‘Taste’, in fact I could not wait to capture that image to upload onto my social media account. After taking few shots for my Snaphat and Instagram stories I felt pretty hungry, so I went searching for some halal food and found DaarbarbyAbdul on the ground floor, tucked away with Punjabi Chicken Tikka I bought, which did look the part when I captured the photos.

Once I had finished with my lunch, I went exploring the ground and top floor to see what treats and the food they had to offer. After searching around in a maze, I saw many stalls and masterclasses going on but I finally did find some amazing dessert places which looked really great, from all the choices to choose from with various chocolates, baklava, macaroons, cakes and brownies.





All of these above just looked a treat, having samples and seeing so many amazing desserts was well worth checking out. Whilst surfing around I got to catch a half hour live demonstration of a vegan food made by two talented chefs from the famous Tredwell’s restaurant. The fun part of this was the fact host got all the audience involved and made a person come on stage at the end to taste the finished product, the outcome was really positive, so job well done to Tredwell’s.


After the show from AEG Theatre, I met up with few fellow food bloggers from Instagram but out of all the things at Taste of London, one thing that did catch my eyes was these ‘Macaroon Towers’ which looked amazing from Bea’s of Bloomsbury and I’m sure you all probably agree as well?


My highlight of the day was this blackboard where people walking pass get to write what they want “Christmas wouldn’t be a complete without my fantasy guests for a festive dinner party are… and my last supper would be….. Only because what people had written on here.


Aside from all the food and drinks, where Taste of London was mainly about, there was time for entertainment for the people to gather around and enjoy their time with DJ’s and music being played for the audience.


As my day at ‘Taste of London’ came to a close I did manage to grab one last amazing looking dessert from a place called ‘Happy Endings’. As my birthday is coming very soon *1st December* I thought why not treat myself to some ‘Icon Dish’ Chocolate Bauble filled with Cherry, these looked amazing poured with chocolate tasted even better. 20161119_161319.jpgIMG-20161119-WA0020.jpg

Finally, on my way home I went to say thanks and had a chat with my friends at ‘The Datery’ who are such humble and I must say the kindest people I have met, even though we only have met twice this year in a space of a 2 months or so, it seems like I have known them for more than that.


The Datery team have just come out with new dates, these include almond and orange within them, which is so addictive and good. If you love orange chocolate then you will absolutely love these dates from The Datery. Especially for special occasions, these dates truly are so good if you wish to gift your friends or family, they definitely are a treat and ideal presents.

That is pretty much all from Taste of London, I hope you liked these pictures above much appreciated for your read on this blog post.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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Until then I will catch you on my next blog post about Hamleys Toy Parade experience on Oxford Street outside Hamleys.

Much appreciated.

Adil Musa


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