Well and Happy Hot Chocolate

Well and Happy Hot Chocolate


Well and Happy WERE ADVERTISING AND SEEKING A FOOD BLOGGER/FOOD AMBASSADOR ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGE. As there were involved with the Fare Healthy event with their very own stall, this worked out pretty fittingly as I approached them, whether I could be their brand ambassador and a week later. Well, here I am, a Well + Happy Brand Ambassador! 🙂

Once there were happy with my content which their saw on here and my social channels. I was sent some chocolate bars and hot chocolate by *Well + Happy* to experiment and make something for everyone to enjoy and share.

I am pretty delighted to be Well + Happy brand ambassador and hopeful of more opportunities will come by to share my experiences and creativity on here.

Firstly, below I will be trying out Well + Happy  ‘Hot Chocolate Cacao Drinking Powder‘ a gluten-free/dairy free chocolate.



Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar.

This is a quick and easy 5-10 mins steps to make your delightful Hot Chocolate for a warm cosy evening.

To make a perfect hot chocolate using the ‘Well and Happy’ powder shown above.

1.First, you simply add 1 or 2 tablespoons of powder into a mug/cup.20170226_161547.jpg

2.Then pour a drop of hot water and keep stirring for at least 30 seconds or so until you see that the powder has become a paste.

3. Once you have mixed the powder which it looks like a paste and you’re happy with it. You can then fill up your mug with a choice of either boiled water, warm or steamed milk. Keep stirring your hot chocolate until you’re happy to drink. Also, you can be creative by adding your very own topping on top as well to make it look great!

4. Keep stirring your hot chocolate until you’re satisfied with the looks of it or feel as it is done. Also, to top your hot chocolate you can add a *

5. Also, to top your hot chocolate you can add a *Well + Happy* chocolate pieces or bar to add that extra taste of sweetness or you can be creative by adding your very own topping such as marshmallow etc to make it look great!

If you have any suggestions or idea’s leave your comment below.

If you have an idea using chocolate bars. I would love to see what you could create with different piece’s of chocolate bars for inspiration to share with others by leaving your thoughts below.


Much appreciated for taking your time out to read my blog post.

Adil Musa


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