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Wembley Park Winterfest – Wembley

Wembley Park Winterfest

Experience Wembley Park’s Winterfest first-ever immersive winter light trail as it’s truly one to check out. Have a wander around the most spectacular light installations until 3rd January 2020.

Wembley Park has been transformed into a unique installation, combing light, sound and touch. There are 12 impressive installations to brighten up the neighbourhood, especially the ‘Star Box’, Sonic Runaway and London’s tallest-ever Led Christmas Tree, which is a must-see experience.

I was so impressed with these Winterfest dazzling illuminations with the likes of Star Box and London’s tallest LED Christmas Tree as it was a perfect fit for my gram.

Take a look at this year’s vlog of Winterfest and Christmas light shows this year across London. Also, enjoy the immense illumination images I manage to take, which will have you impressed and make yourself get off your feet and check it out for yourself. Although you have only a few days left as it ends on the 3rd of January.


‘The Hopeful Tree’ is the largest LED tree London has ever seen. It’s 25 metres long and you can walk through it as well being dazzled by the change of colours as I’ve taken below. Filled with 100,000 LED lights you just cannot imagine how long it must have taken.

Halo light is an interactive touch installation, and by touching each one it lights up and makes a sound. Simple yet cool artwork as part of the winter light. The Sonic Runway is 130 metres filled with wave patterns which really attracts the public with a different type of music being played every day. There are in total 12 other installations including Love Spot, Shadow Wall, Royal Wave and a few more which you can hunt for.

You can find all 12 art installations linked here to give you more of an idea.

Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
‘The Hopeful Tree’ Largest LED Christmas Tree
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
Inside the dazzling LED Christmas Tree
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
London’s largest LED Tree
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
Christmas Bauble
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
Illumaphonium: Halo
Wembley Park Winterfest - Wembley
Love Spot
Sonic Runway

I hope you enjoyed this mini post at Wembley Park Winterfest as they certainly were perfect for my gram. I think they would look perfect on your feed too as the colours are just dazzling and attractive. You certainly won’t be disappointed as there is quite a fair other than Winterfest bit to do here from restaurants, shopping, cinema or playgrounds for the kids. Happy holidays everyone, hope you’re enjoying the festive season with your family and friends.

Adil Musa

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