Winter Lights Festival

Winter Lights Festival

Winter Lights Festival
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB


The light Installations & interactive art showcased by Eleven artists from nine different countries with such stunning illuminations throughout Canary Wharf. Lighting up the darkest winter month with radiant installations and artworks. This interactive festival includes sculptures, lasers, projections and digital art.



Water Wall

On Friday 27, I visited the Light Installation & Interactive Arts in Canary Wharf after reading up London’s Timeout Magazine online seeing what I could do. Then I thought to myself let’s go and check this out after work to see some creative art as it was the last day before it closed. Some of the images I saw online through social media looked remarkable. First thing as I entered, the Winter Lights Festival I saw these spectacular Water Walls by the river. How this art was made was when human wave their hands around and the motion by the river moves in different directions.

On Your Wavelength

One piece of art that stood out for me and worth queuing up for about 10 minutes called ‘On Your Wavelength’. I found this to be quite a fantastic display for Winter Lights Festival as the lights made from over 30,000 LEDs seemed like were in a Matrix movie and how it worked was by the electrical data, where the participant mind controls the music and create intricate light patterns via the headsets. If you would like to see more in video format scroll down to the bottom to play full clip.

Angel’s of Freedom

As you walk towards the Ovo Montgomery Square outdoors near Jubilee station. I saw some of these colourful bright angels called Angels of Freedom. It seemed like one of the most popular places to take a human angel picture’s as the queue at each Angel stand were pretty busy.


Ovo Montgomery Square

As cold as it was that Friday evening. I felt it was worth noticing some great lights and 3D designs although the place was like a maze. I must have gone around the building twice trying to figure where all the installations placed. Eventually, I did manage to find the outstanding Ovo, when I walked past the colourful design, found Ovo very glam, especially how the colours constantly kept changing. I could see the children faces filled with joy whilst walking towards the sculpture. I did manage to capture a really stunning shot of the Ovo to share on my social media.

Overall experience, although I only spent just over an hour at this Light Installations & Interactive Arts place. I captured some amazing images and clips to share with you all during my evening out in London. Here below are few arts that were on display along with a short clip in live motion.



Cathedral of Mirrors




I did miss out on witnessing the Ice rink and some other great art designs like Huge Reeds, Bloom, Bit Fall, Fantastic Planet, The Garden of Floating Words, My Light is Your Light’ a Syrian artist designed but due to the cold weather. I just couldn’t bear to stay out any longer, just way too cold at the moment especially during evening/night tends it become freezing. It seems like we are having a very late winter in the UK.

What would you like to see on my blog next?


Much appreciated

Adil Musa


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