Zip Now London | Zip Line Experience

Zip Now London | Zip Line Experience


Zip Now Address: Archbishops Park, Carlisle Lane, London SE1 7LE.
Nearest Station: Waterloo or Lambert North

Ever ticked off from your bucket list going down a Zip Wire? Now’s your chance down to head to ZipNow near Waterloo in London!

People on the Zip Wire

Zip Wire

Head down to the Archbishop Park, to experience the fastest zip wire and a nice view of London. You can arrive by walking 10 minutes from Waterloo Station or it’s a 5 minute walk from Lamberth North station. If you want to avoid some waiting time at the registration desk, fill in the ‘Waiver Form Online’ before heading down. I already completed this, otherwise, you’ll have to fill one out. However, after obtaining our wristbands we had to wait 15 minutes as they were a large group ahead of us waiting for their turn.

This Zip Wire is 235 meters long and 35 meters high. If you imagine the height of a double-decker then add 8 more, that’s how high you’re above on the zip. Firstly, when you arrive you are shown a health and safety video, once that is over you are told to place all your belongings in a locker. Now it’s time to put our gears on, and place all your handheld items in a bum bag, where you’re shown by the helpful staff members how to do so. Thereon we had to walk across to the other tower with our gears as you start from one end and end where you started from.

When you are at the top, you are made to wait again as only a pair go at once for safety reasons, but the views are amazing overseeing a football pitch.


As you walk up the stairs, it does get tiring. I’m not going to lie, I needed to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath. There are 183 steps to climb to the top of the tower. On top of that the tower shakes about whilst you climb up due to the wind. However, at the top you have a nice view of London, where you can see the London Eye on the side and a few other iconic buildings. You’re allowed to take photo’s and video’s of the view, but you have to be behind the red in order to do so for your own safety. After taking a few photos and video clips, it was time to drop, at first when I took that first step down I started to feel shaky and anxious, the longer you’re made to wait for the more anxious you get especially if you look down.

Once we took our three steps down, on the count of 3,2,1… I held on to the handles and bent my knees to zip through the wires. You can let go of the handles if you wish to, depending on your bravery, but it was my first time going on this, I just kept holding on to it. After a few seconds of fear, it all went and I truly enjoyed the experience. The actual zip wire lasts only 15 seconds, but it is a lot of fun! As I said, it gives you such a buzz after going down once. Worth visiting with your friends or family.

End point of the Zip Wire
Health & Safety Video
Stunning view from the top of the tower!
Zipping through the air

This Zip Wire at Archbishop Park is open until 9th September.

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was invited to review this attraction and all opinions are my own.

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