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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

Adil Musa is a London, UK-based and born has a blogging personality who is famous for his eponymous site and brand. He has earned massive popularity across social media for his food, lifestyle, and travel entries, including on his self-titled Instagram account.

Adil’s unique eye for detail and creating high-quality content on his page self-titled page. He’s been listed as one of the top 10 bloggers in the blogosphere magazine in issue 13 and named as ‘Instagrammer of the month’ on AwardTravel.com.


What Camera do I use?

A Sony Alpha A6000 combined with a 30MM F1.4 Lens


I’ve always wanted to start a blog whether it be multiple things, but never got around to it until a few years ago, picking a food blog along with some travel posts was an ideal way to start off as I get to share along with a nice community, where people can come together and enjoy a meal. I really enjoy writing about everything that makes me happy.

Therefore, shooting food and travels with my professional camera or with my mobile has become a really fun hobby of mine, which I’ve started to become really good at. In my blog, I tend to write mainly about food, travel and attractions. This is because I tend to try out various new food places across London and sometimes if I’m invited or when I’m out of the country.

Hence, I felt why not share with my followers all my experiences, which seem to provide an influence for others to check it out for themselves. After venturing out by not only blogging about only food but activities and travels too, since not many people get to experience food from different countries nor visit.

Also, in my blog, you will find my personal experience and view of a city/country, where I showcase all the hot spots around town. By providing lots of ideas to people, so they can explore when they visit all these places.

Ever since, I’ve taken my blogging seriously, especially on Instagram as I tend to post on that platform and on my blog. This has become a genuine passion, ever since I have grown a huge following with food, travel and lifestyle posts. Also, I enjoy the fact being able to experience new attractions around different cities from my point of view to showcase to my viewers. I would love one day to take my blog and Instagram platform for bigger and better things if the right opportunity comes by.

Things you might not know

Aside from my blogging hobby. I have a regular 9-5 job between Mon-Fri based at Wembley Stadium. Also, during the summer period, I play competitive cricket for the National Cricket League as a WicketKeeper and a top order batsman every Sunday.

However, when it’s off-season away from cricket. I tend to use my spare time being proactive on social media growing a huge following mainly on Instagram. Also spending time writing lots of blog posts and exploring new adventures with food, activities and travel experiences, where I’ve never been before. Hence, why this blog has given me the confidence to explore more and provided me with opportunities that I truly enjoy doing.

Ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve received lots of positive feedback on my Instagram photo’s, which has really motivated me to try to upload often as I can. My Instagram account is open to the public so you will be able to see all my posts and follow if you like what you see. I never privatised my account, since a private account seems unnecessary for a blogger. If you really want to get yourself heard, you must allow everyone to recognise your account and if they like what they see the following will eventually grow.

I’ve always loved to explore new things food, activities and travelling abroad, capturing all the best moments through my lens. This includes attending and covering events, exploring dessert, restaurants, travels, hotels and trying out new activities. Therefore, I can write-up blog posts and share my experience through my social channels. If you wish to discuss further, please email me adil@adilmusa.com.

Having started my very own blog, it truly has opened a world of good with its perks and brand opening up to me. Especially when it comes to photography as my photography skill has improved vastly. Plus, this would not have been possible without the support of people online and networking have been providing. I truly thank you all!

I am keen to know what’s next…But truly humbled and excited for what may arise around the corner, so get in touch to discuss any new potential opportunities for myself, which we both could work together on.

Why start a blog?

The reason behind for starting my blog journey has inspired me to be more pro-active and enjoy life more. This is only done by exploring and learning something new, each time to help build and better my content creation. There are many other food, lifestyle, travel bloggers and influential people, which I always seem to stumble across on Instagram who has inspired me to create beautiful content.

Furthermore, I’m a very keen photographer, picking up impressive photography skills for my website and social media accounts. By this, I’ve been able to showcase all my photography skills and interests combined with my social media accounts and posts. I now use a professional camera ‘Sony A6000’, so that my contents are much improved from the previous post.

Now that my following and interaction have started to grow over time on social media. Ideally, I would like to take my blogging and perhaps photography interest further with new opportunities arising. However, until then I will continue to write blog posts, and create beautiful contents for you all to see online.

Anyhow, if you have landed here PR agencies or Brands who specialises in either food, events, hotels, press trip and products, which you would like me to cover on my blog or Instagram page.

Do not hesitate to email me and I will respond back on time. You can always enquire about sending your new products to review on here. I will consider it, whether it’s suitable enough to feature on my Instagram and blog page.


This blog and my social account does accept forms of advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions. If I’m paid for a blog post I will mention it in the post as ‘sponsored’, where I have been given a product to review, this shall be clear in the text.


How to get in touch with me?

PO Box address: adil@adilmusa.com or DM me on Instagram to send whatever you want and I will try my best to review them.

I am always open to all new kinds of new things. This includes food, brand ambassador, collaborations, attending events, travel, restaurants review, press trips, attractions, reviewing products and hotels.

Feel free to leave your suggestions below, if you feel we could work together.

Thanks for all your support.

Adil Musa

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    Salam I am very proud of you what you doing keep it up from dad’s

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