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Bursa – Turkey | Travel Guide

A Day in Bursa


The place which everyone talks about when travelling to Istanbul or at least in Turkey is Bursa. Whilst we were in Istanbul for 7 nights, one of the days we spent travelling to Bursa to experience the lifestyle, food, attractions and a 4 KM journey cable car ride.

You can check out the vlog here

We left our hotel bright and early at roughly 8 am in a minibus filled with 11 people, including the tour guide and driver. As Bursa is across the beautiful city of Istanbul. We drove on a ferry to get across, which took us roughly 3 and a half hours to reach there.

Crossing the river via boat

Once we arrived, our first destination of the tour of Bursa, we got to explore a shop pretty much exactly like ‘Body Shop’ from the UK. There were various kinds of soaps, lotions, herbals, honey, fruits and much more.

Everyone that arrived at the store got given free tasters on all various olives, before buying any other of them. I’m not a huge fan of olives but I did try out a few, which was not exactly what I imagined.

Olive tasting
Which Olives do you prefer?


From there, we visited a little farm, where you’ve gifted a plate full of fresh fruits. Having explored around and tasted fresh fruits from their trees. My parents and family well and truly loved the farm as it brought back memories from their homeland. We also had time for a bit of fun on the swings, hanging from the tree. This visit, I must say, was truly a memorable part of our trip as we had such a laugh among ourselves.

Along the way towards our final destinations to the cable car, we stopped at the homes of the bees, where we saw lots of beehives gathered together. There was a small stall, where the freshly produced honey. After negotiating with the sellers, we must have bought like 3-4 honey jars from the family.

Buzzz! Home of the bees


Our next stop was to see the stunning Suuçtu-Wasserfall, this waterfall run wildly surrounded by amazing green terrain. As challenging and slippery as it was to get to the end towards the waterfall. I managed my way towards the end of the fall to take a few shots standing on the rock and seeing kids and families having a swim.

Besides exploring the waterfall, there are other things you can do along the way for example ride on a pony, take a picture with parrots or have a view of the ducks, eating on or by the river.

Quack Quack! Goose at Bursa
Pony at Bursa
Adil Musa at the waterfall


The last destination before heading towards our long-awaited cable car journey was to have some amazing food at this current location below called ‘Kofteci Yusuf’. The food and view here were simply delicious, my whole family enjoyed their experience at this place. You can check out more of what we ate from my earlier blog post here.

Views from a famous restaurant

Cable Car

Finally, our destination was the well-known cable car in Bursa called Bursa Teleferik. The mountain cable cars that go through three stations from Teferruc Central to Kurbaga Kaya. Arriving at each station, you get to explore and see small café/hotels on top of the mountains, but before all of that, we bought some pick and mix for our journey.

Every stop has its own little area to explore lots, whether you want to go on a quad bike to the safari or take photos of the animals or shop around. There is lots to do, but depending on the time you arrive, we have very limited time as it shuts at 8 pm.

If you’re scared of heights, then I would recommend you not look down, but one thing to mention when you’re in these cable cars and they’re travelling across. That it tends to get very windy and your ears start to become blocked like on planes. Also during the wintertime, if you visit this place you get to experience and see the snowfall from the above, which I can only imagine being truly stunning.

Longest Cable Cars in Bursa
Pick and Mix Sweets anyone?
Quad Bikes



Now that was my experience with Bursa in Turkey. However, before we all headed back to our hotel in Istanbul, we all visited another stunning grand mosque in Bursa called ‘Emir Sultan Mosque‘ to pray for our daily salah.

Eyup Sultan Mosque


Thanks for reading my travel experience in Bursa, Turkey. I truly hope you all enjoyed these pictures and YouTube videos. I have one last piece to upload from Turkey and that truly was one of my favourite experiences, which was the Vialand Theme Park.

Leave your comments and thoughts below on what you think of Bursa and the cable cars. Have you experienced any of these cable cars around the world?

Adil Musa

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