Mubarak London Gift Box

Mubarak London Gift Box

AFTER SEEING THESE POPULAR #MUBARAKLONDON GIFT BOXES ALL OVER MY INSTAGRAM pages and on MubarakLondon personal page. I could not resist and thought to myself I must buy and see what are all these beautiful gift boxes are all about. After having my hands on this luxury package. I felt very impressed and the best thing about ‘Mubarak London’ products are the fact there are all halal items.

However, me being a huge chocolate lover from childhood. I decided to buy a box, which had included different chocolate items inside. Nevertheless, I would say this is definitely a great gift idea and recommendation for family or friends especially for occasions like Ramadan or Eid. Also, their specialise in various area’s such as for ‘Birthday Gifts’, ‘Anniversary’, ‘New Baby Born’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Wedding’, books and much more.  All of this can be bought through their website


Mubarak London team now deliver all over UK & Europe and are pretty quick and responsive on their social media to their messages if you have any questions or suggestions. There have featured on many occasions on ‘Islam Channel’, which I’d say is a great way to expose to the Muslim community.

I felt ‘Mubarak London’ packaging was very well presented and thought out. As you can see from the below image their packaging for a gift box. On that note, what I purchased from ‘Mubarak London’ was a box called ‘Salaam Handsome’, which is their current bestseller going on at the moment.


So what exactly included inside my box?

‘Salaam Handsome’


In this box I purchased, it included a really nice ‘Salaam Handsome Mug’, a delicious collection of ‘Caramel Biscuits’ by Cartwright and Butler and two yummy Hot Chocolate Stirrers for a warm night made by award winning Welsh chocolatier ‘Sarah Bunton’.

These truly luxurious hot chocolate stirrers can be eaten directly off a stick in my first instincts is exactly what I did, I just couldn’t resist having a taste of the chocolate on its own but next day. I did try stirring it with warm milk and I felt as it tasted great either way, so a thumbs up for me for sure.


By clicking right here you can buy this specific product.

Otherwise, you will find that there have various of Ramadan, Eid and other gifts as stated above seeming as Ramadan is upon us very soon Insh’Allah. This would seem like an ideal time to buy a gift filled with luxurious and halal snacks. Perhaps go for other great hampers to choose from as their cater for other idea’s if required.

Do feel free to leave your comments below or suggestions of product’s you would like me to cover next.


Until then see you in my next blog post.

Much appreciated.

Adil Musa


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  1. 30/08/2016 / 5:49 PM

    Sounds like a really good Eid gift idea 🤓 thanks for sharing!

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