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Clovelly Village

Clovelly Village is a true hidden gem, and it is perhaps one of the most iconic settlements in the United Kingdom. If you visit Devon, you shouldn't overlook this location. Not to mention that the village was formerly owned by first Queen of England. A lovely place that appears to have been taken from the pages of a fairy tale. Clovelly has won the hearts of travellers for generations, with its small cobbled alleys, classic thatched cottages, and breath-taking sea views.

As you make your way down the steps with narrow cobblestone pathways towards Clovelly Bay. You will notice an incredible view of the water.

Clovelly Village Alleys
Clovelly Village Alleys

Visiting Clovelly

Try and take it all in as you do feel like you in another country as you go down the steps. One of the most unique things about Clovelly is that it's car-free. Instead, visitors park at the top of the village and make their way down the hill on foot. It's a tough hike, but the views of the village and the sea beyond are well worth it. If you get out of breath when walking. There are numerous benches and overlooks from which to enjoy the scenery.


Adult £8.75
Child (7-16) £5.10
Under 7 - FREE
Family (2 adults & 2 children) £23.60

Opening: 9am to 5pm

The ticket office, which has two floors, is fairly large. There is a large gift shop, a movie theatre showing Clovelly on a loop, a café, and restrooms.

Clovelly Donkeys

The first thing you see when you begin your adventure is a shop and a stable of donkeys. You may wander around the souvenir stores and get up close and personal with these adorable little donkeys. These hardy animals have been a part of village life for ages and are appreciated by both residents and visitors.

Did you know that donkeys were the only mode of transportation in Clovelly's steep alleys? For delivery, they now utilise wooden sleds, with the occasional car thrown in for good measure.

Donkeys at Clovelly
Donkeys at Clovelly

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Beach is a must-see destination. If the weather is nice, you can simply photograph the breathtaking sights. There is plenty of seating to relax and enjoy the sun, and the clean waters are great for swimming and paddling. If you're feeling particularly daring, you may even take a boat ride along the shore to see the village from a different angle.

Adil Musa at Clovelly Village
Adil Musa at Clovelly Village

If you have the capacity and brave enough to walk along the coast, you can take in the scenery and the waterfall immediately ahead of you.

Clovelly Beach
View of the Clovelly Beach
Clovelly Quay
Clovelly Quay

In conclusion, Clovelly Village is a must-visit destination hidden gem for anyone looking to experience the charm and beauty of rural England. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of a traditional fishing village, Clovelly has something to offer for all.

I had an amazing time viewing the donkeys, visiting the beach, and taking photos all afternoon. This was well worth the visit, and I highly recommend seeing this village. If you live around Devon or plan to visit soon. I was fortunate the weather was on our favour because it was nice the first couple of days we were there.

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