Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style

Drunch (Breakfast)

Drunch, everyone in London seems to have a floral fever, and it looks like it's hit me too. I loved the floral decor all around the stores. This was no different from the colourful green florals all around the cafe. There was also a large purple teddy bear sitting outside the cafe on the bench. The colourful teddy bear was the most pictured teddy all over Instagram. Whoever dines here tends to come down just so they can capture a shot with a giant-sized teddy.


Because of that, it tempted me to go visit, so I can see what it's all about and check out the food too. By looking at the menu and seeing what others tend to order. I opted for the mouth drooling 'Pancakes' that looked like one of the nicest dishes on their menu. This was filled with Banana & Dulche de Leche and you have the option to choose either berries or ricotta, so I decided to go with the berries. When I arrived here at Drunch, it was early morning. About three-quarters were full of people with their families and friends. Luckily they had a spot near the windows. I like to sit where I can have as much natural light as possible, so I can take good photos.


The seating area is nice as they have leather seats on the side and friendly staff members waiting to take your order. After 5 minutes or so of my drink arrived, I ordered the 'Chai Latte' priced at £3.40. After 20 minutes of waiting, my pancakes arrived at my table. Pancakes looked huge but really nice with the syrup poured. However, I was struggling to finish the pancakes as it was a lot and way too sweet for me to eat, priced at £10.20. A bit on the pricey side, but the portion you get were pretty huge. They were really fluffy and perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Beautiful floral entrance to The Drunch

Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style
Drink Menu at Drunch
Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style
Food Menu at Drunch
Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style
Cosy Interiors at Drunch, Mayfair

Yummy Pancakes are ready to be eaten!

Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style
Cute Teddy Sitting Outside Drunch
Delicious Pancakes £13.60
Drunch Mayfair | Brunch in style
Chai Latte


All of the food served here is halal/vegetarian. This is always a plus to see when going out to eat at places like here. You have a lot of options to choose from on their menu. Overall, my thoughts were that I loved the floral decor outside the cafe and the cute purple teddy. Capturing it perfectly for the gram shots. The menu is large enough to try something new or differently next time.

Therefore, I would definitely come back to try some of their lunch menu and other dishes. The bill came out to be £13.60, which isn't as bad as when you're covered with good quality food. The place is ideal as you're in the city and could pretty much shop around afterwards or beforehand.

P.S. They serve Shisha here too, so if you are one of those who likes to smoke Shisha or looking for a hangout spot with your friends, this cafe is an ideal spot.

Thanks for reading and for all your support on blog/Instagram. I hope you really like these kinds of food posts. Let me know what you would like to see next on my blog.

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