Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Aquarium Address: The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Tel+971 800 3822 46255
Opening: 10am-11pm (Sun-Wed) 10am – 12am (Thurs-Sat)

One of the largest shopping malls in the world does not only have shops for clothing and food. It’s also home to a beautiful aquarium and underwater zoo. Located on the ground floor, the 10 million litre tank is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. The Aquarium provides the visitors with a unique experience from VRZoo, aquatic experience and underwater zoo.

Whilst spending most of my first day at the Dubai Mall, I went through my endless list of places to visit and Dubai Mall Aquarium was one of them. I just loved watching and capturing those stunning looking creatures.

So I decided to buy a ticket for 114 AED with a discount from the booking website, where I explored the ever so stunning aquarium and underwater zoo. Once I was done with my cheesecake factory lunch meal. The Dubai Mall aquarium was truly a wonderful experience, as I got to capture so many living creatures.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

As you enter the world’s largest indoor aquarium, you first walk past the huge tank. It’s the same view as everyone else has from the outside. However, before entering the 48 meter long underwater tunnel. You are asked to stand by the wall for a photo with the camera crew.

This then leads you into the most magical looking tunnel, giving you a 270 degree view of the tank. Here you witness many sea creatures swarming. You can stand and witness the marine life as long as you want, so you have enough time to capture the stunning tunnel.

You can check out my day 1 Dubai Vlog here

Dubai Mall Aquarium Tunnel
48 metre Aquarium Tunnel

You can witness people scuba diving within the aquarium. Even though I may like watching animals in the aquariums, I’m afraid to swim, so to do such a thing would be a big ask. However, scuba diving itself is mega expensive and would put me off, as it cost 1,210 AED to experience this.

After the long tunnel walk, you move on to the second floor at the mall into the Underwater Zoo. Here you will see plenty of exotic animals like fish, otters, birds, turtles and many more in their habitat.

For little kids and young teens this is all pretty exciting to see, but if you have been to other aquariums before. My recommendation would be to save your money on other things instead. It is quite overpriced, and you would probably find it to be pretty similar to any other aquariums.

Before I waved goodbye to the stingray and entered the Underwater Zoo

Adil Musa at the Dubai Mall Aquarium
Sharks at the Dubai Mall Aquarium

As you walk past each corner you tend to stumble across different types of living sea creatures. It all looked so pretty incredible up close. I just loved capturing exceptional creatures up close in their natural habitat through my camera lens.

Underwater Zoo

The underwater zoo leads you into three different shores like the ‘Rain forest’, ‘Rocky Shore’ and the living ocean. Rocky shore is where you find turtles, krabs, and other creatures.

I hope you all enjoy my photography series of collection from the Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall below.

Get up and close with a Giant Spider Krab
Royal blue tang aka finding dory
Zebra Finch at the Underwater Zoo
My favourite shot taken of the reptile
Sleepy reptile at the Dubai Aquarium
Dubai’s Underwater Zoo
Turtle family at the Underwater Zoo
Capturing those up and close shots of the turtle
Underwater Zoo
Fishes swimming around
Otters in their habitat
Taken on my Sony A6000
Close up of fish at Dubai’s Aquarium
Finding Dory at Dubai Aquarium
Capturing this little cutie turtle

Penguins & Crocodiles

Just before the end of the underwater zoo experience. You see these little penguins standing and swimming around their habitat. Also, the timing I went to the aquarium was perfect as I got to witness the crocodile being fed.

The way it moved slowly waiting to eat its food was incredible, how it watches it and then goes for the jump to snatch off a stick. The crowd truly enjoyed the moment, clapping for the crocodile.

Penguins in their own habitat at the underwater zoo
Crocodile swimming around along with the fish
Australian Crocodiles at the Dubai Aquarium


Personally, I truly loved coming just for the photo and experiencing the stunning bright blue colours of the tunnel. Spending some time looking and capturing the creatures was truly a favourite as I managed to get so many great shots, which I was really proud of. This is not a paid post and everything from my  Dubai trip has been back of my pocket and experience.

I hope you enjoy the images and vlog, I uploaded from my Day 1 adventure in Dubai.

You can find the prices online here, via their website. However, I booked my ticket through the bookings website.

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: All opinions on here are my own, I was not paid for this post. 

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