Friends of Ours Brunch Food Review

Friends of Ours Cafe

Friends of Ours Address: 61 Pitfield Street, Hoxton
N1 6BU

BEING ON ANNUAL LEAVE FROM WORK, I THOUGHT THIS WEEK WOULD BE THE BEST  time to go check out a few places in the City of London and what better way to try 'The Friends of Ours' after seeing their luxurious food pictures all over Instagram, with a very diverse menu and food tasting delicious with high ratings and recommendations. We both thought it was a place we must visit, with such a good atmosphere, environment and staff members were so nice and welcoming.

This quirky little café has been in place for just over a year and everything about it is truly brilliant. After debating for a short period of what we wanted, we finally decided to go "Eggs Royale" & "Harissa Eggs" which did not disappoint as well as they looked, they tasted really nice. They are always changing their menu right here, so keep a lookout as they may have something you really like.

What we ordered

Harissa Eggs
Eggs Royale £12

I felt this truly a beautiful piece of art, with such exquisite colours combined with a presentation to The Eggs Royale. It was one of the most popular ones from the menu, with Salmon & Lime Hollandaise was honestly delectable.

Friends of Ours Brunch Food Review
Matcha Latte

Also for the first time, I had a go at trying the *Matcha Green Latte* since I have never tried one before since my family friend introduced me to it that day. I absolutely love it and if you like warm drinks then this is definitely one for you to try. I really enjoyed the taste of Matcha latte, especially when you try something new it takes time to get used to your taste buds but not this.

Matcha Latte
Perfection Matcha Latte

Even though I was pretty much full up from our main meals, we both still managed to sneak in a very pleasant dessert even that looked too good to resist, as the presentation was truly on point as you can see from pictures I took on my Samsung Edge mobile.


Friends of Ours

Overall experience I thought it was amazing, I would like to thank the staff for their brilliant service and I definitely would recommend 'The Friends of Ours' to anyone as it's a place worth visiting more than once if you're going for brunch with friends or family. Their service and food were fantastic.

You can check out some of their great brunch images on Friend's of Ours Instagram page or through their website to see what else they have on offer.


Presentation: 9/10
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 6/10

Overall: 7.3/10

Thanks for taking your time out to read my afternoon trip to Friends of Ours. Do feel free to leave me your thoughts/comments and ideas on where to go next. Don't forget to follow me on my social media pages.

Much Appreciated.

Adil Musa

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