Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food

Hichki London

Hichki London Address16-18 Whitechapel Rd, Shadwell, London, E1 1EW
Nearest Station: Aldgate East (Metropolitan Line)
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Sunday: 11 am-11:30 pm

Hichki London showcases delicious back home street food from the city of Mumbai. The flavours and taste will have you coming back for more. The Indian dishes they have available will have your mouth watering.

As we arrived early in the evening, it was an ideal spot to dine before heading back home. Also, we were the first ones in so had the choice to sit wherever we liked. I preferred more natural light for photography, so we sat near the entrance/window, and as time went by a few more people came in to dine.

Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food


The first thing we did was check out their menu, which you can find here. Mainly we came here because the 'Pani Poori' looked so good and my Mrs loves this dish. If anyone knows where the best Pani Puri's can be found in London feel free to shout.

After searching through their menu, I was a bit confused about what to get for myself, so I decided to ask the waiter to see what is the most popular dish in this restaurant. It came to be 'Mumbai Lamb Masala', so I ordered that alongside 'Chicken Manchurian' as Mrs doesn't like Lamb. Alongside those two meals, we had plain naan to indulge. There are other bread options like Cheese Naan, Garlic Naan or Butter Roti.

Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Mumbai Lamb Masala, Chicken Mancurian & Pani Poori

Paani Poori £5

Paani Poori was totally delicious, even though the presentation was good I thought. I did prefer the starters here as they looked so good, pouring the paani into the puri was tasty. For 6 puri's pretty reasonable pricing, especially being close to Central London.

Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Pani Poori
Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Pani Poori £5

Mumbai Lamb Masala £9

Mumbai Lamb Masala is one of the popular dishes from this restaurant. As I asked the waiter what's popular and that's what people often order. The presentation was good enough for me, and the taste wasn't so bad either, the meat was chewy whilst the masala had lots of flavours, enough for one person to have or even 2 to share.

It contains a blend of onions, garlic, ginger, tomato cooked to perfection with home-made spices perfect for eating with rice or roti, Lamb curry made with local spices called Mumbai Lamb Masala.

Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Mumbai Lamb Masala
Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Mumbai Lamb Masala dish at Hichki London
Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Delicious Mumbai Lamb Masala

Chicken Manchurian £8

This was my Mrs choice of food, as it was something different for both of us. This Indo-Chinese dish can be eaten for starters or mains as it's not too heavy or filling. Boneless chicken is something I've always loved eating growing up, that's what my mum tends to make at home. This dish was slightly spicy but pretty tasty I have to say, I certainly recommend it if you're looking for an Indo-Chinese dish.

Crispy boneless chicken pieces tossed into a homemade gingery garlicky manchurian sauce.

Hichki London - Mumbai's Street Food
Chicken Manchurian £8
Yummy Chicken Manchurian


Overall, I felt the food was good from what we ordered. The service was slightly slow as we waited for a while, even though we were the only ones there at the time we ordered. I would say the price was reasonable compared to other Indian restaurants. Also, the food and surrounding experience were good as we got to pick where we wanted to sit and served right away. However, the presentation was impressive since I enjoyed taking photos of the food as it was perfect as you can have a look above. The overall pricing came to be £22 for both of us.

I do recommend this spot, but probably say opt for the starters as they were the nicest looking dishes.

Food: 8 out of 10
Service: 7 out of 10
Price: 8 out of 10
Experience: 8 out of 10
Presentation: 10 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given Hichki London an 8.2 out of 10.


Disclaimer: All opinions and reviews here are my own, this meal was not complimentary. All meat served here is halal

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