The Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya

Discover the Magic of Land of Legends Theme Park

The Land of Legends Theme Park is situated in Kadriye. The journey takes approximately 30-40 minutes from central Antalya. This contains one of the largest water parks in Turkey, a retail strip with restaurants, and an unforgettable nightly performance. The Land of Legends is home to a variety of attractions for thrill seekers, families, and those who simply want to immerse themselves in a world of wonder. The park is separated into numerous diverse zones, each providing a distinctive experience.

It has received a lot of attention from people of all ages since it first debuted in 2016. There are rides and water parks at the same place. On the water park side, there is also a resort where guests may stay and have their own private space. However, I've seen the Land of Legends all over social media. This tempted me to add Land of Legends to my bucket list when I visited Antalya.

Aqua Land at Land of Legends
Aqua Land at Land of Legends
Land of Legends Entrance
Land of Legends Entrance

Tips for visiting Land of Legends

  • Plan to carry comfortable swimwear
  • Apply as much sunscreen as possible and wear non-slip footwear
  • Make sure you have enough money in your wristband to buy food and drinks.
  • To prevent wasting time, make a list of rides or shows to visit ahead of time as queues can be long.
  • Also, check the website to see if any rides are closed.
  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid paying full price at the ticket office.

Attractions at Land of Legends

The attractions of the Land of Legends are divided into several sections:

  • Aqua Land
  • Adventure Land
  • Tropic Lagoon
  • Masha and Bear Land of Laughter

Adventure Land at Land of Legends

The water park was the main attraction at Land of Legends before non-water rides were added a few years later. This is where you'll discover Adventure Land, which has fewer rides than the water park but enough to keep you entertained for about an hour or two.

The most popular rides are the Hyper Coaster and the Typhoon Coaster. Although I was unable to ride the Hyper Coaster owing to illness, I chose to ride the Typhoon Coaster instead. That was a fantastic ride. The queues were not awful, and I was able to go in within 15-20 minutes.

If you have no fear, Sky Fighter is another ride. This launches you into the skies like a helicopter and waves you about. Finally, Galeon is suitable for adults or teenagers because it spins and knocks you around in circles. The rest of the rides are geared towards children, with 4-5 rides available.

Galeon Ride
Galeon Ride

Masha and The Bear Land of Laughter

Masha and Bear is a small area where children may enjoy Masha and Bear rides, interactive play zones, and meet and greets. Although the Masha and Bear Circus show is a little further away from the region, a large crowd gathers to watch the popular children's performance.

You can find the show in the afternoon slotted times on The Land of Legend website

Masha and The Bear Show
Masha and The Bear Show

Aqua Land at Land of Legends

Those who enjoy water parks or simply want to get out of the heat. Aqua Land is a water-lover's heaven. This portion of the park has a variety of water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers for limitless aquatic pleasure.

Magnicone was a thrilling attraction that takes you into a dark tunnel and out through this cone very quickly.


Windstream ride was enjoyable, including a short fall down via a tunnel and slide.


There were more rides, but most were closed when we visited in April. However, with summer in full swing, the majority of the rides will be available now. If all you want to do is relax in the pool. There is a ride called "Lazy Floats." This moves you in circles slowly while you sit in a ring. Also, space rockets are for individuals who are not afraid of swimming and want an adrenaline rush.

Waterfront Kingdom Show

If you have the opportunity, this show should not be missed. You have comedians, laughs, dancers, and dolphins performing moves that will attract your attention. It lasts around 45 minutes but is completely worth it. The comic engages with the audience; expect the unexpected from the performers. There is a lot to see at this show.

Waterfront Kingdom Show
Waterfront Kingdom Show

Dolphin Show


Having visited Dubai's Atlantis. Land of Legend underwhelmed me, with long lines and a handful of attractions being opened. Most of the rides were closed when I showed up. However, I did not find it as thrilling as I had anticipated. The rides were enjoyable, however spending 2-3 hours here felt adequate if not for the lines.

The Dolphin shows and some of the Tropic Lagoon rides stood out to me. However, the queues for the Turtle Coaster were ridiculous, and there were few others. As a result, I did not bother to queue up. Even though, I covered the majority of areas in space of 3-4 hours.

A couple key takeaways from this experience. You're not permitted to bring food or drinks inside, and you have to top up using a wristband obtained from Guest Services. Seein you won't know how much things cost, an rough estimate has to be made. Also, the food at the theme park is generally quite expensive.

Furthermore, you must know where the cash machines are located. Fortunately, I had eaten before my visit, so I was not hungry or thirsty. However, the price per person was not sufficient to justify the rides and other activities, as everything appeared to be very expensive.

Despite everything, I am grateful to have been given a pass to the Waterpark and to have my first experience at the Land of the Legend. I did have a fantastic day experiencing some of the thrilling coasters, witnessing a fun adventurous show, and spending an even better night at the shopping avenue (more on that in my next post).

Have you visited the Land of Legends Theme Park in Turkey? What was your experience like?

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