Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch

Nayla Cafe

Nayla Cafe Address: 1019 Finchley Rd, London, NW11 7ES
Nearest Station:
Golders Green Underground (Northern Line)
Opening Hours:
11 am-8 pm

Nayla Cafe has opened its door to customers for the first time. This year, outdoor dining is now available and soon indoor dining in a month. This cafe shows its uniqueness and speciality, where the owner spent planning this cafe for two years. Therefore, the customers are satisfied with their experience. If you're looking for those instagrammable cafes, then don't look any further, with pink stylish floral interior settings to capture those fun/happy moments. It will make you bound to come back for more and take tons of pictures. Nayla has a range of breakfast, coffee, tea, and cakes to offer and some of the most beautiful-looking items.

Interiors at Nayla Cafe
Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
Neon Nayla Cafe Lights
Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
Let there be brunch!

Nayla Cafe Interiors

As of now, before entering, you will find two outdoor tables for customers to dine in. As you enter the building, it has a beautiful rainforest theme. You will see a neon sign with 'Nayla Cafe' written with a pink floral backdrop on the left with two chairs. The perfect way to capture happy moments with your friends or family. Also, on both front entrance corners, you will find pink trees with has a nice touch to the cafe.

The indoor seating area is great as you have seats by the window and tables. There are three tables to sit on with another floral backdrop beside you and they are comfortable seats. Opposite the tables, you find the cake stand and where you would place your order. However, something I found unique is the waiting area, painted all green with artwork displayed on the walls. As you go inside, you have a presentable mirror and a nice chair to wait for your turn.

Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
Nayla Cafe Flora backdrop
Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
Pink Tree

Nayla Cafe Experience

Nayla Cafe kindly invited me to dine. After seeing how good it looked online. I took the opportunity with both hands as I couldn't resist a stunning-looking place along with the food. When entering, I was greeted by the owner of the cafe. I spent some time talking and turned out to be a person who use to live locally to me. A very friendly bunch of people, welcomed me like we were old friends. He told me about his experience and the story behind it in the build-up to creating this beautiful cafe. How the outdoor scenario will work for customers etc?

After we spoke, I had a look at the food menu. I only had my eye on the french toast and the pistachio milk cake. Therefore, they started making this right away for us. As I visited, we were still in lockdown, a few days before outdoor dining began. I requested a plated version on the table. Therefore, I could take some photographs of the dishes before packing them all up. The good thing was they plated and decorated this so perfectly, which was nice of them to make the effort.

The wait time wasn't too bad approx 10-15 mins. I then managed to capture and video the whole place, which took good enough time for the food to arrive. The owner showed us the waiting room and we waited to see what it looked like. Once the food arrived at the table, it was time to shoot and get the perfect shots. Before, I had it all packed up to take home and indulge in some food and drink later.

Nayla Cafe Brunch
Nayla Cafe Brunch
Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
French Toast, Pistachio Milk cake, Pink Velvet Latte


The menu showcases plenty of options to choose from. These are wraps, cakes, breakfasts, salads, and drinks. You won't be disappointed with the number of options available as everything looks and tastes just as good. The price is on the high end, but it's the experience and decorations you're paying for as they have made a lot of effort interior-wise for the customers. The idea will make you bring your friends/colleagues and families to enjoy an experience, which will be memorable.

You can have a look at their full menu below, which I took at the cafe below or you can check online.

Nayla Cafe - Food Review | Brunch
Nayla's menu

Pink Velvet Latte £5.50

This amazing and pretty-looking latte contained beetroot powder, cocoa powder, and steamed milk. The tree inside the drink was an eye-catching part as it was well presented and perfect to capture. Latte tasted great as it was, but you can request a choice of milk.

Pink Velvet Latte
Pink Velvet Latte

French Toast at Nayla £8.75

The most attractive-looking French Toast, this was so delicious and one of the best-looking ones I've had. The soft bread with syrup and fruits had a delightful taste.

The French Toast was filled with Nutella between two slices of french brioche and served with fresh seasonal fruit and golden syrup.

French Toast
Beautifully presented French Toast
French Toast at Nayla Cafe
French Toast at Nayla Cafe

Biscoff Milk Cake £6

The milk cake here is the go-to and most popular item in this cafe. For picture content, I had this cake plated, which looked so yummy. The Biscoff milk cake is a vanilla sponge cake soaked in flavoured milk and topped with whipped cream and Biscoff biscuits crumble.

Biscoff Milk Cake
Biscoff Milk Cake
Delicious looking Biscoff
Delicious looking Biscoff

Pistachio Milk Cake £6

This cake was the one I tasted and took home. However, I created content with this cake by pouring the milk around to soak up. This was truly a delight to indulge in and see, as it tasted so soft and perfect to dip in with the milk added.

A light sponge cake soaked in flavoured milk, & topped with whipped cream, and pistachio bits.

Pistachio Milk Cake
Pistachio Milk Cake


To conclude, I thought the food was pretty good and filling. I absolutely loved the look of the french toast and milk cake. They were divine for an afternoon treat. I enjoyed sipping in the pink latte, as it looked as good as it tasted. I'd recommend trying this if you're a fan of lattes. The service here was welcoming and treated respectfully, I would like to thank the manager for his service as I enjoyed every bit of my stay.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer experience too. As I had an insight into the cafe whilst talking to the owner and was shown around. The presentation for the breakfast was amazing. As I thought the french toast, cake and latte were so nicely presented. This had me excited to shoot and eat right away. The price is probably on the high end, but as mentioned above, it's the experience you're paying for.

As it was during lockdown I visited Nayla Cafe just before the outdoor opened. I only saw a couple of people turn up to order and collect. Therefore, I can't say much in terms of atmosphere. I can imagine now being it busy with outdoor dining open since the lockdown has been lifted here in the UK.

Food: 10 out of 10
Service: 9 out of 10
Price: 7 out of 10
Experience: 10 out of 10
Presentation: 9 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given this restaurant a 9 out of 10.

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Disclaimer: My meal listed here were provided as complimentary

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