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Rose Dalgona Milk – Drink Recipe

Rose Dalgona Milk

Rose Dalgona Milk, I saw these Rose whipped Dalgona online, which I had to check out and try out myself. You can also have a go with the method and recipe I used.

South Korean Dalgona Coffee has gone wildly crazy on social media with everyone making their very own version at home. The idea of not going out has made people take up a new skill with baking and cooking.

Everyone has been going baking crazy with the lockdown here in the UK. There have been so many new creative ideas shared online, which have been going viral, or to say the least, look so good.

Rose Dalgona Recipe

  • 1 cup of Whipped Cream
  • 2 Tbsp of Sugar
  • Add Rose Syrup/Essence
  • 2 Cups of Milk
  • Ice cubes (optional)
  • Include ice cream (optional)
  • Pour the Dalgona cream on top of the milk
  • Place Pistachio & Rose Petal on top for detail/presentation

You can add a twist, but this is the recipe and instructions I followed.

Rose Dalgona Method

First, you pour whipped cream into your bowl, then 2 tbsp of sugar.

Whipped Cream and Sugar
Whipped Cream and Sugar

Now you have to mix the bowl with a spoon until the sugar is dissolved. The next step will be to add ‘Rose Syrup or Rose Essence’ depending on which one you have available in your kitchen.

Add Rose Essence
Add Rose Essence
Drops of Rose Essence or Syrup
Drops of Rose Essence or Syrup

Give it a whisk with a whisker, until it’s soft and creamy like in the second picture below. Make sure you stop at this point before it becomes flossy as it can easily lose its shape very quickly.

Whisk mixture creamy
Whisk mixture creamy
Stop Whisking at this point
Rose Dalgona Mixture

You can now add up to half or three-quarters of milk into your glass. At this point, you can add ice cubes and a scoop of ice cream.

Once you’ve added the extra ingredients, include the whisked rose into the glass on top.

Pour the mixture into the glass
Pour the Rose mixture into the glass

Finally, once you have added all the rose mixture you’ve whisked, give it a final touch with a handful of pieces of pistachio and rose petals on top of the rose cream you just produced.

Rose Dalgona Milk
Rose Dalgona Milk
Final Outcome of Rose Dalgona
Final Outcome of Rose Dalgona


You can also make this deliciously looking Rose Dalgona Milk, simply by following the same recipe plus adding ice cubes or ice cream to the milk before pouring on the whipped cream.

Thanks for reading my post on the latest new trend. If you like these kinds of recipes, you can have a look at my Instagram page and highlights for more inspiration. Feel free to share your Rose Dalgona looks and tag me, so I can see all your amazing creations too. I would love to see your creative style/ideas.

Also, for this Ramadan, I am fundraising with Islamic Relief. if you would like to feed a family, you can donate to those in need. Please do so via the link below.


Adil Musa

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