Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green

Starfish Loves Coffee

Address: Starfish Loves Coffee, 92 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PP
Nearest Station: Palmers Green (Great Northern Line)
Tel: 020 8352 0874

If you love picturesque, colourful food, you have to go and check out Starfish Loves Coffee. As they serve some of the most wonderful food in town.

Last week, I had an invitation to review this spot with a +1 after seeing their Instagram page. I certainly could not turn this offer down, located in North London's 'Palmer's Green'. The first thing we noticed was the pink chairs outdoors, which stood from a distance and felt would be the perfect spot in the summertime to take photos whilst dining.

As we walked inside we were welcomed by the staff member, who told us to sit wherever we wanted to. We both had a look at the menu for 5 minutes and decided to order our drinks first. You can have a look for yourself as I took a picture of the all-day brunch menu below.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Starfish Loves Coffee Menu

These were Beetroot Latte and Matcha Latte. I've always enjoyed and usually ordered Matcha Latte wherever cafe I go to. However, this time I did prefer the beetroot Latte compared to the Matcha as it tasted better.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Beetroot & Matcha Latte

Main Food + Interiors

Whilst we ordered and waited for our drinks. We had some time to decide on what to eat for our main course before the waiter returned. So, after waiting up to 5-10 minutes, we were ready to order our food by the time the drinks had arrived at our table. The waiting time at Starfish Loves Coffee wasn't too long luckily enough as we headed towards closing time. However, that did not stop me from taking lots of photos and filming the interiors inside as it looked so lovely.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
The Interior of Starfish Loves Coffee
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Front entrance of the cafe
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Anyone for a Chicken Waffle?

The food items we ordered were three dishes:

  • Creole Chicken Waffle (Halal) £10.50
  • Asian Avocado £8.50 + Halloumi £2.50
  • Ramen £10.50
  • Matcha Latte
  • Beetroot Latte
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Matcha Latte
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Green Matcha Latte
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Beetroot Latte

Asian Avocado (VE)

Once our food arrived, it was time for the eyes to eat first, where I tried to capture many perfect shots from my camera. Before we indulged in these yummy colourful dishes. The first to arrive at the table was the Asian Avo with Halloumi. This tasted so good, which went down as a favourite for the both of us. It was basically a ripe avocado, with edamame beans, rainbow radishes, Japanese black rice and Yuzu dressing on charcoal sourdough.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Asian Avocado

Creole Chicken Waffle

I would recommend the avocado dish if you visit. One thing I was looking for was a berry waffle but I could not see it on the list. Therefore I decided to opt for the halal chicken waffle, which looked quite appetising too. The chicken was like homemade fried chicken crispy buttermilk chicken on a sweet waffle along with plantain, slaw, smothered with a creole sweet maple syrup making it extra sweet taste.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Creole Chicken Waffle £10.50
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Scrumptious-looking Creole Chicken Waffle

Ramen (V)

The final choice from a wonderful afternoon here at Starfish was 'Ramen'. This was my Mrs.'s choice as I was not too keen on it. As I had tried the Ramen elsewhere in Covent Garden and I was not a fan of it, but I gave it a try. It was made with Miso and Shitake Mushroom Broth, a soft boiled egg was included, udon noodles, enoki mushrooms, pak choi, edamame beans, fresh chilli and sesame seeds. As nice as it looked we were not able to finish this dish by ourselves as we both preferred the other two options I picked.

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Ramen (V)
Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Close up of the Ramen (V) £10.50


Breakfast is closed from 12pm, so you are left with all day brunch menu, just a heads up. However, that shouldn't stop you from trying all kinds of delicious items. I felt the food was delicious, especially the 'Asian Avocado' that was super yummy. The service here was good as we were asked to sit wherever we liked and were able to move around when needed. Pricing wise, think you would be more than satisfied with the portion you receive.

The experience was a fun and enjoyable one, as me and the Mrs enjoyed a good time together before heading off to Camden Town for a bit of shopping/sight-seeing. I thought the presentation was fabulous as the plates were beautifully used and the outcome of the food was spot on for me. Finally, the atmosphere was calm and not many people around as it was a weekday. Saying that they were a range of older and younger generations of groups chatting away, which was nice to see.

Food: 8 out of 10
Service: 9 out of 10
Price: 8 out of 10
Experience: 10 out of 10
Presentation: 10 out of 10

Overall: I would give this cafe a 9 out of 10.

What do you think about Starfish Loves Coffee Cafe? Would you go?

Starfish Loves Coffee - Palmers Green
Adil Musa enjoying his lattes
Starfish Loves Coffee
Flatlay of our foodie dishes

Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope you've enjoyed reading this food review. Let me know where you would like to see me to review next in the comment below.

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: Meal was given as complimentary in exchange for social coverage. All views and opinions are my own.

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