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Magical Disney On Ice at 02 Arena

Disney on Ice (02 Arena)

Disney on Ice! Returning to the UK this winter to embrace the magical world of Disney World on ice. I’ve been a huge fan of Disney for a while, but it’s always been here and there. However, it still has not grown out of me. I still love the magic of the experience and even though I’m yet to go Disneyland that is still on my bucket list one day.

The day did not start as I had planned since I managed to get an extra ticket for either niece & nephew months in advance, but both had mood swings. The first plan was to take either one of them to see this exciting show, but their mood had the better of them. I decided not to miss out on this opportunity and see it myself.

Mickey’s Birthday

Therefore, I had to go alone as I didn’t want to miss out and disappoint the people organising the event. However, I’m glad I did go as I truly enjoyed the experience for the first time. Some of the performances like ‘Moana’ and ‘Frozen’ were truly magical to witness and by far my favourite of them were all from the show.

The event started with a meet and greet with the ever so popular Frozen characters ‘Anna & Elsa’. It was truly adorable to see so many kids dressed up as Disney On Ice! Walking around with their favourite characters.

After the meet & greet was over, it was time for the show to start, at 2:30 pm. Mickey and Minnie kicked off the show by being the host and in celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday. Can you believe Mickey’s been going on for 90 years? Pretty crazy how long and popular it still is!

I’ve just uploaded Disney on Ice – Dream Big Live on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out!


Both warmed up the crowd with their little performances before they introduced each act to perform on the ice. First up was Aladdin with Princess Jasmine. A classic show with Aladdin trying to save Princess Jasmin from her kingdom with the help of his Genie friend. Moving on, it was time for a bit of Beauty and the Beast, with Belle skating through her dreams with a team of her ice skating friends.

Magical Disney On Ice at 02 Arena
Meet and Greet with Disney’s Frozen Anna & Elsa
Magical Disney On Ice at 02 Arena
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
Magical Disney On Ice at 02 Arena
Minnie Mouse
Magical Disney On Ice at 02 Arena
Aladdin on Ice
Aladdin summoning his Genie from the lamp
Aladdin summoning his Genie from the lamp
Belle from Beauty & the Beast!


Next up was Moana, which was probably along Frozen and was quite enchanting to witness with Moana & Maui skating through everyone’s favourite songs. ‘How Far I’ll Go & ‘You’re Welcome’. This was a story about Moana being the daughter, who was chosen by the ocean. I can’t lie, I do love both of those tracks, they never seem to get old.

After ‘Moana’s’ performance it was time to move on to Disney’s Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, where plenty of magic happened on stage. People witnessed magical effects with the stage going on fire with flames being sparked up. This wowed many in the crowd, with Prince Philip fighting a fire blast thrown by a dragon on ice. Finally, it was time for a quick intermission break after 45 minutes of action-packed Disney movies on ice.

Moana & Maui
Moana & Maui
Prince Philips
Prince Philips Fighting the Dragon
Prince Philip
Flame thrown by a dragon
Ariel from Disney's Mermaid
Ariel from Disney’s Mermaid  
Sebastian from Mermaid
Sebastian from the Mermaid
Ariel and her Mermaid friends
Magical Snow effects with the Mermaids


After the interval, there was a surprise appearance from Disney’s classic cartoon ‘Goofy’.

Goofy introduced the royal ball ceremony, which brought the beautiful Cinderella to the stage in her well-known carriage, who then danced around with her prince in celebration at her Royal Ball.

Cinderella in Carriage
Cinderella in the Carriage
Disney's Goofy
Disney’s Goofy

Disney’s Frozen

The final part of the show was from the ever so popular Disney’s Frozen. The moment where almost all of the kids were excited about, shouting their favourite characters’ names from the crowd. You get to witness the main characters like Anna, Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff and Hans telling each part of their story from the movie.

They showed pretty much every scene in the original movie. Funny enough as I’ve seen this movie many times with my nephews/niece it has been stuck in my head, knowing exactly what is going to happen in the next scene. Some of the most popular tracks from the Frozen movie were sung like ‘Let it Go’, which has millions of hits across the globe. The other tracks were played like ‘Do you want to build a snowman’, ‘Love is an open door’ and ‘In Summer’ by the main characters.

The part which caught my attention from this performance was the snowfall and butterfly effects, as you see it falling from above the stage during the ‘Frozen’ performances they were quite magical to see.

Ending the show, the team from Disney On Ice came out in force. Including Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang, thanking the crowd for enjoying the entertainment. Overall, I thought for the first time watching ‘Disney on ice’ was quite pleasing to see as I enjoyed the show, especially watching Disney’s ‘Moana’ & ‘Frozen’ performances whilst it lasted. Both were quite spectacular to watch.

Disney's Frozen
Anna & Kristoff
Disney's Frozen on ice

Moana, Maui, Jasmin, Tinkerbell & the crew

Disney On Ice Celebration
Disney On Ice Celebration


The experience was a magical one and I would recommend taking your kids/nieces/nephew as they will be thrilled to see their favourite characters on the show. I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took at the show and this blog post. You can catch the rest of the show on my Instagram Story Highlights or my YouTube Channel.

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary tickets to Disney on Ice. 

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