Eden Project: Discovering Nature's Wonders

Eden Project

Eden Project Address: Bodelva, Par, PL24 2SG
Entrance Fee: £33 per person - Varies on different days
The Eden Project is a true work of botanical genius located in Cornwall, England's gorgeous countryside. This well-known landmark serves as a monument to the creative potential of people and our innate bond with nature. Explore the gardens and dome to find stunning floral arrangements. You can also visit secret sculptures, interactive exhibits, and eye-catching cafes and restaurants while dining. The Eden Project offers activities for people of all ages.
Eden Project Dome
Eden Project Dome


Type in "The Eden Project, Bodelva, Par PL24 2SG" in your satnav, which will direct you to Eden Project.

By Public Transport

If you're able to take the train to St. Austell. There are also many buses that travel to The Eden Project. Additionally, a number of bicycle paths pass through the Eden Project.

You could easily spend the entire day here or at least three quarters of it inside of Eden Project. Parking is free which is additional to your ticket. The staff will provide you directions to locate your spot. Nevertheless, you should expect the area to remain crowded over the summer. Since there are several parking spaces available for cars, the Project is only a 5 to 10-minute walk away.
Highly recommend checking out the Hangloose Eden Project if you're seeking for exciting things to do. This is located just next to the Eden Project.

Hangloose Eden Project

Ever consider flying over a Biodome? There are several outdoor activities available for you to enjoy at Hangloose Eden Project right now. If you've got the guts to ride Zipwire. I heartily suggest it. What a rush from the zipline! It was beautiful, especially from above, to observe the biodomes. The Giant Swing, on the other hand, gave me some anxiety because it was initially unnerving, but once it made several swings, I felt relieved.
You may see the videos of the entire experience on my YouTube channel.
Adil Musa at Hangloose Eden Project
Adil Musa at Hangloose Eden Project

Rainforest  & Mediterranean Biome

As soon as you enter the Eden Project, the garden's symphony of hues, aromas, and sensations welcomes you.The project seeks to inform visitors about the value of biodiversity and sustainability as well as how everyone of us can contribute to the protection of the environment.
The rainforest ecosystem, which spans more than 1.6 acres (6,500 square metres), is one of the largest indoor rainforests in the world. A wide variety of flora, some of which are uncommon or endangered, are present there. The levels of the ecosystem are split to resemble the various strata of a true rainforest. Explore the Rainforest Biome to experience the steamy, tropical beauty that is made possible by the lush vegetation. Explore the Mediterranean Biome, where enticing herbs, colourful citrus trees, and blooming flowers transport you to sweltering settings. A new discovery or sensory thrill is revealed with each step.
Indoor plants
Indoor plants

Cloud Walkway

A bridge that sprays air as you cross it while in the rainforest was entertaining to go through. However, it takes a while to turn on because you have to wait a few minutes before it turns back on.

Walking in a Cloud
Walking in a Cloud


You can find this lovely  waterfall when you stroll by the bridge. The rainforest biome has a river that flows through it that is nourished by a waterfall located right at the top of the habitat. The waterfall creates dampness as it rushes down a number of rock formations, simulating a real waterfall.

The Waterfall
The Waterfall at Rainforest Biodome

Adil Musa at Eden Project

Shop and other things to see

If you visit their website, there are many of additional things to see. Since there are events taking place all year round, they frequently change. The Studio Swine and the Seed will be visible as soon as you walk into one of the centres. A distinctive sculpture that is fantastic for photos. Additionally, the food options are pretty good but expensive, especially when you have paid a hefty price for the entrance. If you eat here, the expense of the food does mount up.

Therefore, whilst I visited I decided just to have a cake and hot chocolate.

Also, you can find plenty of refillable fountains. If you have bought water bottles with you.

Studio Swine
Studio Swine
Picturesque slice of cake
Picturesque slice of cake


Overall, it was enjoyable to see the Eden Project for the first time. The zipline and the Giant Swing were thrilling for me, thus the day was well spent. We then spent the rest of the afternoon seeing the biodomes. Not to mention, while you wander around, there are other interactive seminars taking place throughout day. Although, you can decide whether to stay and take part or leave.

Also, if you are Tesco Clubcard holder. You can bag yourself a discount for the tickets purchased.

The Eden Project offers an unforgettable trip into the heart of our natural heritage, whether you're a plant aficionado, an eco-enthusiast, or simply looking for a transforming vacation. Explore the Eden Project and allow the beauty and power of the natural world to transform you forever.

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