Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Gardens (Edinburgh)

Address: Arboretum Pl, Edinburgh, EH3 5NZ

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Ever seen a more beautiful garden than the Royal Botanic Garden? Mind you, I’ve not been to Kew Gardens yet, but this place was truly a memorable one. This garden had such a peaceful environment and stunning plants to capture on camera. My family and I truly enjoyed our experience exploring the garden, which took most of our afternoon visits here. Be ready to spend a full if not at least half a day here, as there is so much to explore and see.

After you walk past the main store entrance and through the sliding doors, you see a rain forest of plants. The scenery just gets better and better as you walk through the garden and a small bridge. For tourists, coming over to Edinburgh beside checking out the main hotspot, like the castle etc. This garden is a place to tick off your bucket list, as it’s different, where you can just relax and admire the beautiful nature of your friends/family.

The Garden in Edinburgh estimates over 70 acres and a huge glasshouse range. On a warm day, you can explore many features around the garden that show plants from all regions of the world and climate zones. On a rainy day, the glasshouses are a perfect getaway to spend a day surrounded by greens and not frozen in the hills. Although you have to pay a small fee to roam around inside, which comes around to £5.50, it is very reasonable for what you see inside the glasshouse. It’s totally worth it, I have to say, as you have an insight into the glasshouse and the plants here are extraordinary, very similar to Kew Gardens.

As you walk deeper into the gardens you will walk past a huge sliver glasshouse complex. This is where the stunning glasshouse is located, with lots of hidden gems inside, truly great for photographers.

Glasshouse at Botanic Garden
Glasshouse at the Botanic Garden

This cute and beautiful looking cottage is just around the corner from the glasshouse and it had such nice framing. Around the cottage, you get to see lots of different vegetables and fruits being grown.

Cottage at the Botanic Garden
Pretty Cottage at The Botanic Garden
Walk through the pathaway of trees
Capturing a person walking through the forest pathway at the Botanic Garden

Below the images are the stunning looking main entrance I captured to the glasshouse at the Botanic Garden. You can sit on the benches before you go in, particularly on a sunny day it’s perfect. People are always trying to grab that perfect picture for their gram or to share with their circles, so at times it was difficult to capture the area being empty. Nevertheless, I did manage to capture some really nice shots of the glasshouse.

Outside view of the Glasshouse
Beautiful view of the Glasshouse (Captured on my Sony Alpha A6000)
Far view of the glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Garden

By far the most gorgeous looking pond inside the glasshouse. A true hidden gem, walking around the edge of the pond, you can capture the prettiest shots from various angles.

A stunning lily pond inside the glasshouse
Lily Pond
Palm trees inside the glasshouse
Trees Inside the Glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Garden
Some of the stunning plants inside the glasshouse
Colourful Palm Tree at the entrance of the glasshouse
Goldfishes swimming inside the pond

After our little tour of the glasshouse and watching the fishes swimming around give us a stare. I assume waiting to be fed, but further down outside of the glasshouse, I saw a colourful row of flower beds, which looked really picturesque. There were sunflowers, pink roses, lavender and many others. Just around on the other side, they have cottages and vegetables being grown.

Pink Roses
Nephew Posing Away
A very happy nephew at the Royal Botanic Garden
A colourful row of flowers at the Botanic Garden
Pink Roses

One of my favourite things to capture from the day was with my nephew and this close-up of the sunflower. Overall, I loved the gardens and I would highly recommend visiting the royal botanic garden if you ever visited Edinburgh or Glasgow. It’s FREE!! Yes! FREE to visit.

Make sure to add this to your list of tours as they so much to capture and explore here. They have a cafe area to dine or have a tea time break, which we did halfway through our walk around the garden. Next year I’m hoping to make a visit to Kew Gardens in the summer and check out the hype of the garden. As I’ve seen and heard many great things, but just not got around to visiting. Until then, enjoy the gallery of shots and my YouTube video from here, which is now uploaded.

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Adil Musa


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  1. Adil Musa
    15th September 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Have you been to the Botanic Gardens? what are your thoughts?

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