Tattu Restaurant

Tattu Restaurant (Modern Chinese)

Address: 4 Hardman Square, Gartside Street
Manchester, M3 3EB
Tel: 0161 819 2060
Website: https://www.tattu.co.uk
Nearest Station: Salford Central

How beautiful does these cherry blossom tree look and the interiors here at Tattu?

Earlier this month, I travelled down to Manchester for one night and on that same night. I managed to visit a really high-end posh modern Chinese restaurant based in Manchester, Spinningfields. However, not knowing my way round here and with so many building works being done. Arriving here took me a while to find as I went round in circles with ‘Google Map’ telling different directions. Eventually, I asked one of the security walking around, who told me the directions to find the restaurant.

Opened in 2015, Tattu delivers luxurious, well presented quality food. The staffs here are really helpful and friendly. They tend to talk you through the menu and recommend dishes according to your preference/allergy. When you order a main course it comes with a bowl of rice to share. Also, Tattu have the most incredible looking Asian desserts (I’d recommend trying out the Cherry Blossom!) the way it’s brought out to your table is spectacular. Here you find traditional flavours with modern cooking methods to give you the most unusual dining experience.

Furthermore, Tattu is known for its stunning interior design. Full of colours and the cherry blossom tree they have upstairs in the dining area is a real eye catcher. The restaurant stretches over two floors. Covered in cherry blossom trees towering over tables along with complimentary purple lighting, creating an almost animated feel. This Asian style interior is blended traditional tattoo iconography and framed flash boards mounted above the designed bar.

After reserving my seat beforehand, I manage to get myself a good seat nearby the cherry blossom tree. Walking in a glamorous dining room filled with luxury interiors lights and decor. Already, knowing what I wanted to order from their menu and a staff member suggesting what dishes are ‘Halal’ and the popular dishes. I went ahead and ordered their Red Pepper Lamb Chops, which came along with a side choice of Rice.

Cherry Blossom Tree
Interior decoration inside Tattu

After playing around with my camera and taking a few shots around the restaurant. My food ‘Lamb Chops’ done well arrived along with my cranberry juice drink. Boy! It tasted so good! Really chewy and flavouring from each piece were divine. Presentations of these food were exceptional, as Tattu are known for their presentation and exactly how I like it.

Lamb Chops
A flat Lay of Hot Pepper Lamb Chops
Cranberry Juice and Hot Pepper Lamb Chops
Table settings

The glass framed iconography was one of their main features of the restaurant, which stood out the most.

Iconography frame
Refreshing Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice looked really refreshing, but the prices here for dishes or anything were beyond the roof. You could easily spend up to £100 till your full.

I loved the presentation and their flower glass they had on each table, making it a picturesque and a perfect prop to go along with my lamb chop plate. I manage to get a nice pretty flat lay from my camera.

Food photography of my main course dish
Shot of Lamb Chops

After completing my delicious lamb chops dish, I had a quick look on the gram and google images to see any good-looking desserts. I rarely go to the restaurant and not leave without having any dessert. I did eventually find the most picturesque desserts called ‘Cherry Blossom’, which caught many people’s attention. This was truly heavenly created with a candy floss on top and filled with chocolate and cherries. This came out to my table with floating smoke and a scoop of cherry ice cream on the side. I didn’t know where to start with this dessert, as I tried to catch the most best shots whilst the smoke stayed! 😀

Heavenly ‘Cherry Blossoms’
Candy Floss on ‘Cherry Blossom’
Cherry Blossom Dessert

Overall, at this high-end modern Chinese restaurant, I didn’t have many other dishes as the price was so overpriced and expensive here. Therefore, one main and dessert was enough for me as the cost came up to £44. This was including service charge, however, the food was absolute divine and really well presented on my table. I would say it’s worth an experience to see all the nice interiors more than anything, but would only come down for desserts more than anything. As you would have to spend up to £100 to fill satisfied with your hunger.

The service was good as they provided me what I needed and asked for. Also, recommended me what was Halal such as the lamb chops and their chicken main courses. The atmosphere was quite lively as most of the place when I arrived was full even at 10 pm on a Monday night.

Would I come here again? Maybe, but only to try another dessert or few other dishes which were halal, but only if was for a special occasion or on the house as the prices are really damaging for your wallets.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8.5/10
Price: 4/10
Experience: 8.5/10

Overall experience, I will give this place a rating of 7.6 out of 10.

What do you think of this high-end restaurant?

Thanks for reading my food review on Tattu restaurant. If you would like me to review any other places, let me know on Instagram or leave your comment below as I love to try new places.

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