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Cha Sha

Cha Sha Address: 130 Ilford Lane, Ilford, IG1 2LE
Opening Hours: 11 am-11 pm

Just when you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to East London tea shops. Another one has arrived, with Cha Sha becoming Ilford's newest tea hotspot. This well-known desi cafe, which first established itself in Wembley, has recently extended to Ilford. In a Matka, you can get a variety of Chai's as well as tasty street foods.

Cha Sha Experience

Only bloggers were invited to this pre-planned bloggers' gathering to sample their set meal. I came 20 minutes early, so I took a seat before the event started because it was packed with others who had already sat and were arriving at the same time. When the time came, a member of the staff explained what would happen and what we would all be served, as it was a set menu.

We were, however, free to choose any choice of our own drinks from their menu. There were three meals on the set menu: samosa chaat, loaded fries, and a wrap. The Samosa Chaat and Loaded Fries were the most popular, but I thought the wrap to be too dry and lacking in the stuffing.

The furnishings were attractive, with clay pots affixed to the ceiling and a modern feel with a dash of desi. The furnishings were brightly coloured, and Indian Coke Studio was playing on repeat. The staff was really kind, providing us with a small tea show and allowing us to film and photograph the event. Finally, we were permitted to carry the Matka pots home, which was a thoughtful gesture.

Interiors of Cha Sha
Interiors of Cha Sha

Cha Sha Menu

Their entire menu can be found online or in-store. They provide a large variety of products to choose from, all at reasonable pricing.

Samosa Chaat £4

This was one of the new recipes, and it was quite tasty. Its samosa was delicious, especially with the several types of yoghurt and other sauces.

Samosa Chaat
Samosa Chaat

Loaded Chicken Fries £4 (Small) / £7 (Large)

We decided to try a similar conclusion at home a few days later after tasting these loaded chicken fries. At the bottom, there's a mixture of chicken chunks and chips with jalapenos, olives, and other sauces. If you're searching for a home-cooked meal, I highly recommend this dish.

Loaded Chicken Fries
Loaded Chicken Fries

Chicken Galawati Wrap £5

In a paratha, there were chunks of chicken pieces stuffed with cheese. Unfortunately, this dish did not turn out to be as tasty as it appeared. Because it was dry and not particularly filling. However, there is always another option to consider.

Chicken Galawati Wrap £5
Chicken Galawati Wrap £5

Matka Chai £3

The Matka Chai in the Matka was delicious; the tea in a Matka had a wholly distinct flavour. They do have a variety of other tea options, but this, combined with the hot chocolate, is definitely the best one.

Matka Chai at Cha Sha
Matka Chai at Cha Sha

Food: 7 out of 10
Pricing: 8 out of 10
Service: 10 out of 10
Presentation: 8 out of 10
Experience: 9 out of 10

Overall, I have given this cafe shop a rating of 8.4 out of 10.


Overall, it was a pleasant weekend visit and supper. Due to the fact that it was a Saturday, it was rather crowded in the afternoon. There are a lot of options on their meal menu, but my favourites dishes were the loaded fries and the Samosa Chaat. The pricing range is reasonable, with most things falling below the £5 range.

The service was excellent because we were given knowledge and permitted to do what we needed. The only concern was that the music was sometimes too loud. It could have been quieter because it was difficult to hear what people were saying most of the time.

The two dishes and hot chocolate were presented well, and they looked appetising enough to make folks hungry. Aside from that, we had a fantastic time in the cafe, spending about an hour there.

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