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Legoland Windsor Resort | Theme Park

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Address: Winkfield Rd, Windsor, SL4 4AY
Website: https://www.legoland.co.uk/

Every young child’s desire is to visit Legoland. If you intend to travel there this summer or soon. Read about my review and experience of Legoland. There are more than 55 attractions and rides available for a fun family day out. I hadn’t been in who knows how long, though. In terms of theme parks, this was a spot to cross off the list of things to visit with my wife.

We visited end of June, 23rd to be precise as it was during a working day and kids being at school, the queues were smaller than usual. At Legoland, you may find brand-new attractions like Mythica. I highly recommend the Flight of the Sky Lion. You might have to wait a while, but it’s well worth the experience. Whatever the age, Legoland Resort offers fun for the whole family.

Taj Mahal - Miniland
Taj Mahal – Miniland

Top Tips about Legoland

  1. If traveling by car, book your parking online on Lego’s website as it’s cheaper by £1
  2. Download the Legoland app on your phone, so you don’t waste time searching for a map
  3. Bring a bottle of water, you can refill at any time at one of the refill stations.
  4. Plan your day ahead by listing what you want to see
  5. You can buy a raincoat for £5 for the water rides
  6. Bring your own food as food at the restaurants are quite pricey plus saves you time from exploring further
  7. Arrive early (Doors open from 9:30 am) so you can choose the ride’s with the longest queues first
  8. Choose a weekday and off public/school holidays, so you have more to enjoy the rides
Adil Musa watching over London at Miniland
Adil Musa watching over London at Miniland

Legoland Experience

In order to avoid the crowds of people waiting in line. I made the decision to attend on a day when there are no public or school holidays. Despite the fact that there weren’t many lines there. I saw several individuals around who were on school trips and numerous parents with their kids. We took about two hours to drive to Windsor because of the heavy traffic.

We headed directly to the rides with big lines because they were out of the way, but I had planned ahead by selecting all of the rides that were good to visit first through the Legoland app. Among them were Ninjago, Flight of the Sky Lion, and Viking River Splash.

Looking back, we did cover a sizable number of rides. However, I believe that if we had an extra hour or so, we could have finished everything since we missed a couple of rides and some of the live performances.

Rides & Attractions We Visited In a Day

  • Flight of the Sky Lion
  • Magical Forest
  • Ninjago The Ride
  • Deep-Sea Adventure
  • Miniland
  • Haunted House Monster Party
  • Coastguard HQ
  • Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest
  • Laser Raiders
  • Viking River Splash
  • Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • Spinning Spider
  • Dragon’s Apprentice

Spinning Spider

This was a fun ride for the whole family because you may choose to spin your cart around as quickly as you want while going around in circles. I didn’t spin the wheel as much since I couldn’t take the dizziness, but it was still amusing to continue.

Spinning Spider at Legoland
Spinning Spider at Legoland

Viking River Splash

This river splash wasn’t as exciting as it sounded, in my opinion, because the ride was so brief. You are not allowed to take your phones out when traveling around a water-filled lane since employees are constantly observing you. I wasn’t as excited about this ride as I was about the previous rides despite waiting in the lengthy line.

Adil Musa on Viking River Splash
Adil Musa on Viking River Splash

Pirates Falls: Treasure Quest

As you are ready to get wet, consider how thrilling this water ride is in comparison to many others at Legoland. The Statues of Lego-built Pirates are the first thing you see as you go around. At the end of the tunnel, you experience a spectacular splashdown and are doused with water. Because you do get drenched, I advise getting a raincoat or fully covering yourself.

Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest at Legoland
Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest at Legoland

Haunted House Monster Party

This reminded me of Hex, a more thrilling ride at Alton Towers that was exactly like the Haunted House Monster Party at Legoland. The ride goes up and down on a curve that is probably 90 degrees high; it is best for kids that enjoy suspense, though.

Inside of Haunted House Monster Party
Inside of Haunted House Monster Party
Outside of Haunted House Monster Party
Outside of Haunted House Monster Party

Deep-Sea Adventure

Deep-Sea Adventure was one of the most unique experiences I’ve been on so far, and I highly recommend it. As you travel in a submarine underwater, you get to see underwater creatures such as sharks and fishes. Many other sea creatures, including sting rays, sharks, dory, and numerous small fish, swim by as you go in circles.

Submarine at Deep Sea Adventure Legoland
Submarine at Deep Sea Adventure Legoland

Dragon’s Apprentice

The twists turn, and spirals of a miniature rollercoaster can be enjoyed while the Magic Kingdom Castle is in view. It’s ideal for short thrillers as you go twice around the track.

Dragon's Apprentice
Dragon’s Apprentice

Mia’s Riding Adventure

Riders, get pumped! Take a ride on a spinning disc coaster that sends you flying while moving back and forth. I found this to be such a joy to ride, and I was also able to shoot it with my GoPro, which produced some excellent results. This is one of them if you’re searching for some excitement.

Mia's Riding Adventure
Mia’s Riding Adventure

The Magical Forest

As you enter a tunnel of whirling lights, you will find a brand-new walkthrough experience that is ideal for all families. Around every corner, strange Lego animals can be found. You can use the Lego app to capture the creature and see it come to life.

Magical Forest
Magical Forest

Coastguard HQ

This was our last ride before we headed home, as you stroll along the small river in a bright yellow electric boat. As you pass different lego creatures get sprayed at by the Lego elephant. This was a nice end to an eventful day at Legoland.

Coastguard HQ
Coastguard HQ


We came upon this Miniland, which depicts the cultures of numerous nations, on our way home. The fact that there are so many nations represented in Lego makes this fascinating to look at on its own. You could easily spend a few hours here strolling the grounds and observing every kind of nation you can imagine, including Egypt, Australia, India, France, and many others.

As you move through each nation, you will notice miniature Lego pieces moving about and the sounds of that nation playing.

Sydney Australia at Miniland
Sydney Australia at Miniland
City of London (Gherkin)
City of London (Gherkin)
Big Ben at Miniland
Big Ben at Miniland
Covent Garden in Lego
Covent Garden in Lego
Egypt at Miniland
Egypt at Miniland
St Paul's Cathedral at Miniland
St Paul’s Cathedral at Miniland


£32 When purchased online in advance on Lego’s website. £62 on the day.

£27 on Totum App

Collect 9 codes from Sun Newspaper using SunSavers app every March and gain 2 tickets for £2


Standard Car Parking is £8 per Car (£7 if you book online) and Premium Parking (near the main entrance) is £16 per car.


Overall, a good pretext for a good time, however, it lacked the thrills of the other two theme parks I’ve visited so far because it was mostly designed with kids in mind. For me, the Flight of the Sky Lion was a standout because of how incredible the experience was. Even though it appeared to be very crowded even though we went during the quiet time of the week. We didn’t complete a full circle of the park. A few coasters had over 30-minute wait times, and some live performances were missed, thus the time just passed by.

Nevertheless, we were able to see and experience a variety of attractions, which was enjoyable while it lasted. On our list of things to do, I believe only Thorpe Park is still on it. I’ve already explored the sun savers collections for three of the major theme parks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Legoland Windsor review.

You can watch a short Vlog from Legoland Windsor below.


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