Dubai Miracle Garden – Things to see

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden Location: Al Barsha South 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the dreamiest and most magical places in the UAE. Dubai Miracle Garden attracts some of the most incredible creations on earth.

Summer in Dubai

Every year Dubai Miracle Garden opens from November to April. A space full of colours and aromas coming to life. Set in the heart of Dubailand, where you can see a garden full of bloom with 150 million flowers arranged in colourful patterns. It was truly magical to witness, capture and share with you all.

The garden spreads over 72,000 square meters, making it the world’s largest natural flower garden. It is also the world’s largest indoor butterfly garden with 15,000 butterflies. However, I did not manage to go as I wanted time to cover other things.

The whole miracle garden, if you look at it from a birds-eye point of view, is made in a circular, even that looked breathtaking. I visited this place when it was pretty warm and good. It was ideal to have a stroll around and see what stunning creations were made all around the garden.


This place was truly a highlight of my trip to Dubai as I got to see Disney Avenue. An area filled with lots of Disney characters as soon as you enter the garden. At the Miracle Garden, I captured so many stunning shots for the gram that you can check them out soon on my page.


Here I gathered some of my favourite shots from the Miracle Garden and there were loads that I took. Picking one for Instagram is becoming tricky. However, hence why this blog post gives me the chance to upload as many as I like. There were loads, which were my favourite shots from the garden, so I hope you like all these instagrammable shots.

Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Huey, Dewey & Louie! Donald’s nephews!

As well as the wonderful Disney characters, you can catch the magnificent life-size of the Emirates A380 plane. A cute and cuddly bear, which was 12 meters long as well as another huge variety of creatures brought to life like flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Life-size Emirates plane at Miracle Garden

There are many shops and restaurants if you wish to dine or shop all around the outside area. Plenty of backdrop photo opportunities all around this Miracle garden. It is certainly an ideal spot to get really popular on Instagram as a lot of people love to see these kinds of things online.

Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Elephants in plants
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
All Abroad Emirates Plane
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Huge sink with toothpaste and toothbrush
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Afternoon tea in this beautiful floral area?
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Adil Musa at Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Minnie Mouse at Dubai’s Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Restaurants and a relaxing area under the umbrella’s
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Floral love heart walkway
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Castle at Dubai’s Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Impressive peacock at Dubai’s Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Gigantic sized cat
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
It’s Mickey Mouse!
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Pluto from Disney!
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Another angle of a life-sized Emirates plane
Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to see
Gorgeous Palm Tree Waterfall
Miracle Garden
Disney Avenue!
Dubai's Miracle Garden butterfly entrance
Dubai’s Miracle Garden butterfly entrance


Personally, this was a favourite and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s the perfect place to explore with families or for solo travellers to see the marvellous creations all around the garden. This place will definitely raise your popularity on social media with the shots you can potentially take here.

I’d recommend visiting during the morning first thing so that you miss the rush. Also, avoid the afternoon heatwave as it tends to become really warm depending on the day/time you visit.

There are lots of food kiosks around serving refreshments, kebabs, veg, ice cream, waffles, hot drinks and much more. If you or your family/friends are feeling peckish you can have a quick snack whilst you roam around. I would say you should go and dine under the colourful umbrellas or inside those love heart-shaped dining areas. Perfect for the gram! 🙂

There is no time limit in terms of visiting as you can stay until closing time. Although mine lasted an hour and a half as I went to the IMG world. Luckily everywhere I went was pretty empty, so I didn’t need to wait around for people to queue up.

Arriving in Dubai’s Miracle Garden is not an easy destination to reach. You have to drive or take an uber/taxi from where you are as it’s quite far to get to. Otherwise, if you’re on a budget, then there is a bus route from the Mall of the Emirates. You can check their site for any other alternative routes and changes.


Adult: 50 AED
Children: 40 AED
2 Years below: Free


Sunday – Thursday: 9am-9pm
Friday & Saturday – 9am-11pm

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Thanks for reading my blog post at the Miracle Garden. I hope you have enjoyed this post with lots of inspirational photos. Feel free to your comments on my Instagram page that would be much appreciated.

Adil Musa

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