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Haute Dolci - Wembley

Haute Dolci has finally made its debut in London, opening up in Wembley Park. People who live in London now no longer need to travel outside to try this spot out. You certainly won't be disappointed by the interiors here too absolutely gorgeous and instagrammable. Its elegant and luxurious dining experience will have your sweet tooth craving more delicious desserts.

The team at Haute Dolci have gone above and beyond opening several stores across the UK. Now opening a branch in the city of London. The team at HD were kind to invite me to check their new spot out once they opened. The official date for the opening launch was 5th June, which seemed to be a buzzing atmosphere with plenty of entertainers on show and lots of desserts on the table.

Haute Dolci
Let there be desserts

Haute Dolci Interiors

Before you enter the store, the staff members welcome you through a red carpet entrance. Then you will see cheesecakes and macarons on your right, with floral designs and products. You will find workers making luxurious desserts in front of you too. The one thing that stood out for me is the chocolate tap pouring out, ideal for dipping your fruits into them like a chocolate fountain. It makes me drool all the time seeing the video I captured. Also, around the ground floor, you have booths and tables for couples or four, and you can enjoy dining with comfy seats.

Cake and macaron stand
Cake and macaron stand
Chocolate tap flowing
Chocolate tap flowing

Secondly, the top floor is the one which has everyone talking and sharing on socials. The instagrammable cherry blossom tree is placed right in the middle upstairs, which is stunning to admire. As you walk up the stairs, you witness the pink floral walls alongside the name 'Dolci'. Then as you walk up the stairs, you will see a huge blossom tree as well as a sign 'Food, Fashion, Lifestyle'. These words represent the food, which goes to show they have dessert to offer. Also, the fashion and the lifestyle from the front-facing food making and interiors.

Cherry Blossom Tree

Upstairs dining is very dreamy and mostly reserved for those who request it or are in a large group. The pretty pink chairs and decor are every social media's dream to capture. They have two circular booths upstairs, with tables surrounding the cherry blossom tree and tables near the catchy sign. I dined inside one of the booths upstairs, as I had a view of the whole room, which was perfect, to capture pictures of the room settings.

Particularly the Cherry Blossom tree, which deserves a spot on my feed on its own.

Cherry Blossom Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree Setting
Cherry Blossom Tree Setting at Haute Dolci
Food, Fashion & Lifestyle
Food, Fashion & Lifestyle


After seeing the hype of the keys all over the UK and the nice decor as well as desserts. I've been eagerly waiting to go here for quite some time. As they now have arrived in London, I don't have to go any further. The experience throughout was enjoyable and lovely. From invitation via DM to attending the week after its opening, the service and food were delicious.

They gave me a reservation right next to the cherry blossom tree, which was a nice spot initially. However, after a while, the manager moved us to the booth area. I thought that was a better decision because of the view I had. It took around 15 mins or so to photograph as much as I could before ordering. At one point, I had the whole upstairs, so I grabbed the opportunity to take as many good shots of myself and the place as I could.

After our meal, I had a sneak peek around downstairs. The atmosphere seemed to be buzzing with people at every table. Also, more people queue up for a table. Always a good sign to see, as people are already enjoying this new dessert spot. I'm sure it will continue to do well. Especially on event days, with a packed crowd around. Moreover, I heard Haute Dolci soon be opening a new branch in Ilford, which will offer food and desserts from their menu. Now that will be something to look forward to.

Adil Musa enjoying the new Haute Dolci
Adil Musa enjoying the new Haute Dolci

Haute Dolci Menu

From the menu, I spotted a few similarities to 'Heavenly Desserts'. Hence, I opted to try something else this time around and Insta worthy. As opposed to ordering the same item when I visited Heavenly Desserts last year. You can check their menu out here, or they ask you to scan the bar code on the table.

What I ordered:

  • Chocolate Strawberry Macaron
  • Cookie Dough - Very Berry
  • Chocoholic Shot
  • Belgian Waffles - Cara-Melt My Heart
  • Choux Buns - Perfect Presentation
  • Mint Berry Mojito Float
  • Tropical Passion Float

After ordering our food, I only waited for extra ten minutes, where a few of the desserts arrived first, then the drinks followed by the Belgian waffle. Whilst waiting for our desserts to arrive. I carried on taking more videos and pictures to ensure I grabbed the perfect image. Once the food arrived, it was time to film and take photos for my blog and Instagram.

Chocolate Strawberry Macaron £1.70

Macaron is a little treat that can be enjoyed with a bite or two. This one is a luxury treat as you have the chocolate taste in between. Deep red strawberries infused with a chocolate ganache, create a moreish luxury treat.

Chocolate Strawberry Macaron (Single)
Chocolate Strawberry Macaron (Single)
Strawberry sliced with macaron
Strawberry sliced with macaron

Cookie Dough - Very Berry £8.80

Milk chocolate cookie dough with fresh strawberries and berries, topped with warm Dolci milk chocolate and milk chocolate curls. Served with Madagascan vanilla gelato. The cookie dough poured with chocolate and eaten with the ice cream was the perfect combo. Soft from the middle then crunchy on the sides.

Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough Very Berry £8.80

Chocoholic Shot (GF) £1.80

Classic, creamy, indulgent. The pairing makes an elegant, fine chocolate shot topped with a slice of Strawberry.

Chocoholic Shot £1.80
Chocoholic Shot £1.80

Haute Dolci Belgian Waffle - Cara-Melt My Heart £7.80

Melt-in-the-mouth magic. Fresh Belgian waffle served with a divine combination of sumptuous toffee sauce and a gorgeous globe of tantalising Stracciatella Gelato. Swoon.

Belgian Waffle £7.80
Belgian Waffle £7.80
Overview of Belgian Waffle at Haute Dolci
Overview of Belgian Waffle at Haute Dolci

Choux Bun - Perfect Presentation £8.80

This dessert was truly filling. Although, my favourite part was pouring the syringe all over the bun. After finishing the waffle, having the choux bun was a truly sweet overdose. A whipped cream stuffed Choux pastry, covered in Belgian white chocolate, white chocolate curls and raspberries. Presented with Madagascan vanilla.

Choux Bun
Choux Bun £8.80
Haute Dolci Choux Bun
Haute Dolci Choux Bun
Inside of the Choux Bun
Inside of the Choux Bun

Haute Dolci Mint Berry Mojito & Tropical Passion Float £5.90 (Each)

The Mint Berry Mojito is a rosy float of strawberry sorbet. The perfect finishing touch to this exotic potion of succulent scarlet strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lemonade and crushed ice. By far the better float choice of the two, this sweet exotic taste was a true delight. If you're opting for a drink, I recommend choosing this drink.

Mint Berry Mojito Float
Mint Berry Mojito Float £5.90

The Tropical Passion float is a hypnotic blend of two generous scoops of juicy mango sorbet and sparkling lemonade. A cool, invigorating creation designed to transport you to sunnier climes. Now, this was a refreshing drink with a slice of mango, especially with the heat we've had recently. An ideal choice if you're looking for a summer fruit drink.

Tropical Passion Float
Tropical Passion Float £5.90
Haute Dolci's Desserts
Desserts from the above

Food: 9 out of 10
Service: 9 out of 10
Price: 8 out of 10
Experience: 10 out of 10
Presentation: 10 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given this cafe a 9.2 out of 10.


In conclusion, I highly recommend visiting Haute Dolci from interiors to desserts. You'll enjoy this spot if you have a sweet tooth. Also, If you're ever around the Wembley area or nearby you have to check this place out. The food we chose was all good, but I mostly enjoyed the Belgian waffle. Even though we had a lot on the table, they were so much more to try out. The service was exceptional, as I was seated at my reserved spot. Also, I was allowed to take as much time as I wanted with the photography.

After taking my order on a tablet, the wait was only a short period. Furthermore, if you needed anything there's always someone there for a helping hand. I would say the price was reasonable being £7 or more for each item. That seems pretty good with the luxury dining you experience.

The experience I had at Haute Dolci was enjoyable. I had fun shooting with my camera and then indulging in the yummy treats later. The presentation here I thought was outstanding each dish looked mouth-watering and well presented. Overall, it was satisfying and I would come back to try the food menu.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new cafe review, let me know your thoughts. Have you visited their other branch across the UK?

Haute Dolci Address: 6 Boulevard, Wembley Park, London, Wembley, HA9 0HP
Website: https://hautedolci.co.uk/
Nearest Station: Wembley Park (Metropolitan line)
Opening Hours: 4 pm-10 pm

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