La Perle by Dragone - Dubai, UAE

La Perle by Dragone - Theatre

La Perle Address: Al Habtoor City - 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

La Perle is the No. 1 live theatrical production in Dubai and has a permanent location in Habtoor City. With a vast ensemble of 65 performers, Franco Dragone's own production will enchant you for 90 minutes without intermission. As you will see a magnificent fairytale story being played in front of a large audience. You will be enthralled and entertained by the numerous secrets that are there in each scene.

The theatres were the first place we went to after arriving in Dubai. We flew overnight, so I knew I had a heavy schedule ahead of me, and both my wife and I were exhausted from the long trip. Therefore, a single light-hearted activity was all that was required for the evening before we had dinner at a local restaurant and returned to our hotel.

Performances during La Perle Show
Performances during La Perle Show

La Perle Story

I couldn't figure out the real backstory behind this, therefore it was a confusing story. The Pearl was the main focus, but I nevertheless went along with it. Regardless of not knowing the plot, it was suggested to accomplish things as I read online. The quality of each performance really amazed me. The narrative behind the Pearl, however, was about a young fisherwoman who gets caught up in a dream and travels all around the United Arab Emirates in pursuit of a pearl, it was realised after reading the genuine story online.

Waterfall at La Perle
Waterfall at La Perle

How to Get Here?

Taxis, Uber, or Careem can take you directly to this location. If you have time, you can also take the Metro to "Business Bay" and then walk over the bridge. Taking the Metro from our hotel to Business Bay is exactly what we did. We then proceeded to the bridge, where we took a lift to the top before walking across it, taking another lift down, and arriving in front of the Hilton hotel where the event was being hosted.


The stage is set up so that performance takes place in the entire space. You'll observe stunning scenarios as players emerge from the audience and from different perspectives. The major draw is the water in the middle, where you can watch performers getting tossed around and unannouncedly emerging.

With an immersive experience, you can never take your eyes off the surroundings because each scene has a lot going on. With the circus and water being poured all over the stage, there are some things that happen that you don't expect.

The stunning Crown prop at La Perle
The Crown prop at La Perle
Light, Camera and Action in Dubai
Light, Camera and Action in Dubai

La Perle Tickets

Any seat, in my opinion, provided an excellent view of the stage because it allowed you to take in the performance from a different viewpoint. But if you approach the stage, be prepared for a water splash. Water from artists' splashes and cascades often get on spectators who are closer to the stage.

You can buy Bronze, Silver, or Gold tickets, as well as tickets that come with dinner directly from their website.

If you Google "La Perle Dubai tickets," there are numerous ways to buy a ticket.

I bought the Bronze ticket using the "Headout app" after comparing a lot of websites and apps. As this app provided me with the best view and the cheapest fee. The app also provided an additional 5% reduction, bringing the total to £59 per person. The ticket included an offer of 20% off our dining bill if we ate there. I did use that to my advantage as we had dinner at the Haveli (Indian Restaurant).


There are two shows every night at 6:30 and 9, however, this may change in the future. To learn more, visit the La Perle website. Whether you enjoy the theatre or not, I must say you are in for a treat. It is truly unforgettable to see the theatre, performers, and effects.

La Perle Experience

As I watched people jump and get flung into the water, I thought the event itself was fantastic. Every instant had something going on from every viewpoint, which drew my attention. Unexpected acts and performances. The circus performance at the conclusion was amazing because the performers went around doing various stunts, and the effects were just amazing. A lot of unexpected things happened, like the crown, the side walkway, actors among the crowd, and many others that keep you on your toes.

I see why it has remained one of the top shows in Dubai. No matter if you go with a partner, family, or friends, you will be in for a treat. Everyone can laugh at it and enjoy the performance while eating some food or taking pictures of their favourite moments.

As long as you don't use flash photography, which could distract the performers, you are permitted to record and bring your devices/mobiles.

Popcorn from the Theatres inside Hilton Hotel
Popcorn from the Theatres inside Hilton Hotel
Stunt show at La Perle
Stunt show at La Perle
Dancers swinging away
Dancers swinging away at La Perle DXB
Full view of the stage at Bronze Ticket View
Full view of the stage at Bronze Ticket View


Overall, it was a fantastic event to watch and well worth the money. If you have a spare couple of hours while in Dubai, I highly suggest getting a watch because the actors will no doubt dazzle you. I was highly impressed by this show's props and surprising elements. At the food stand, you can get snacks and drinks in advance, however, they are more expensive than what you might get from a regular store. Alternatively, you are welcome to simply enjoy and record the presentation. All ages from 2 and up would love this family-friendly production because it had motorbikes, stunts, a circus, and a tale about the Pearl.

With La Perle, you will be in for a treat.

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