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Manjal Restaurant

Manjal Address: First Floor, Drewry House, 213 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9FJ
Telephone: 020 7538 1140
Nearest station: Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line)

Manjal is an award-winning restaurant for fine dining in Canary Wharf. The restaurant opened up in 2013 and still going strong. Another branch based in Loughton, Essex has been running since 2018. If you're from the North of India, you'll know that 'Manjal' stands for 'Tumeric'. A spice used in many Indian cuisines and restaurants for extra taste. At times you can find Manjal holding events and private dining for those wishing to bring more guests. The fact that dining here will have you witness a fabulous river view. Overseeing people fishing, cruising on boats and the 02 Arena.

Manjal Experience

At first, it was confusing to find whether it was the right place as it was based inside Bella Cosa Restaurant's top floor. The reason is that they had a small logo placed on the door. However, as we went inside, a staff member asks whether I'm there for 'Manjal' or 'Bella Cosa'. Who then directed us to the top floor of Manjal restaurant. Although, we did arrive a little earlier than our scheduled time 6 pm. Where we saw just two couple's tables filled up and the private dining area. Therefore, I had a good opportunity to take videos and photos of the restaurant and balcony area.

Before making our minds up earlier before arriving. We decided that we will go for the desserts first before indulging in the starters and mains. The order took roughly 10-15 mins to arrive. Although, they do not bring everything in one go. Pretty much giving you enough room and time to have more. We did hear soothing Indian music being played in the background, allowing us to relax and enjoy the experience. The interiors were nice and classy as tables were prepared neatly and with a white cloth. The staff were great as they checked up on us whether we needed anything and topped our glasses.

Manjal seating area
Restaurant's seating area
Manjal Dining tables
Interiors and dining tables

Manjal Menu

If you're looking for their range of dishes available, you can check their menu here. Otherwise, here is one part of their menu from the restaurant.

Manjal Restaurant Menu
Manjal Restaurant Menu

What we ordered was the following at Manjal:

  • Taste of India (Dessert)
  • Chicken Masala Dosa
  • Non-Veg Assortment
  • Maharashtra Wada Pao
  • Lamb Shank Rogan
  • Chicken Chettinad
  • Garlic Naan
  • Sunrise Mocktail
  • Strawberry Colada
Adil Musa at Manjal
Adil Musa at Manjal

Taste of India (£5.95)

Assortment containing Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Carrot Halwa and Phirni. Taste of India's desserts, we first tried these various choices of Indian sweets. The dessert included the Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Carrot Halwa and Phirni in a separate container. We shared this between the two of us, as we indulged in these yummy treats.

Taste of India £5.95
Range of desserts
Taste of India £5.95
Gulab Jamun

Maharashtra Wada Pao (£6.95)

Flavoured Potato patties served with bread rolls, proudly called Burger of Maharashtra, India. Served with special sauces. Stunningly presented was this Wada Pao. Surprisingly tasted good with the special sauce added. Soft and chewy, both of us enjoyed sharing this dish.

Maharashtra Wada Pao
Maharashtra Wada Pao

Sunrise & Strawberry Colada Mocktails (£5.95 each)

Sunrise drink was the better looking for, finished with a Lemon Slice on the glass. One of the better drinks contains mango, lime and grenadine. The second mocktail drink, Strawberry Colada was just like Pina Colada but made differently with fresh strawberry, pineapple juice and coconut cream.

Sunrise Mocktail
Sunrise Mocktail
Strawberry Colada
Strawberry Colada

Chicken Chettinad (£11.95)

This dish was a boneless chicken cooked in typical Chettinad spices and onion gravy. Chettinad is well known for its unique spices. When I go for meat dishes. I tend to opt for boneless or leg pieces as that's my go-to dish when ordering mains. Therefore, this dish was a no-brainer for me. Although, I felt it was slightly spicy providing an extra kick in flavour. I enjoyed the dish, but as we ate a lot already, we managed to take the dish home for the next day.

Chicken Chettinad
Chicken Chettinad

Manjal Chicken Masala Dosa £10.95

Thin pancake made of rice and lentils stuffed with chicken potato masala. Masala Dosa is a speciality dish for non-veg lovers. However, this was with chicken inside and three sauces to try along with it. I ordered one to share for the both of us, as I knew I wouldn't be able to finish this, so we both tried it out. I was looking forward to it, but I was slightly disappointed as it wasn't as good as the original version. I felt it was overpriced for the usual Dosa you get from other places.

Chicken Masala Dosa
Chicken Masala Dosa

Manjal Non-Veg Assortment £18.50

The non-veg platter contains Chicken lollipops, devil lamb chops, prawn 65, chicken 65, and masala fried Tilapia fish. The assortment was delicious and worth opting for, as you have a piece of all non-veg options from the menu in one plate to share. You have lollipops, lamb chops, prawns, chicken 65, and fried fish. I enjoyed the fish and prawns the most, although the lamb chops were pretty decent too.

Non-Veg Assortment
Non-Veg Assortment

Lamb Shank Rogan £15.50

Aromatic Persian-origin spices are slowly cooked with specially selected New Zealand Lamb shank, creating a medium-spiced Rogan. This dish was a good-looking one, although it felt too heavy for me. If you're a fan of lamb curries then you should go for it. However, my body rejected it and probably why I wouldn't go for it next time. The masala was nice as it wasn't as spicy but about right.

Lamb Shank Rogan
Lamb Shank Rogan

Garlic Naan (£3.50)

Bread, topped with garlic or chilli on top. The bread we chose was Garlic Naan to dip into the curries. The presentation of the garlic naan looked nice and tasted great too. Whenever at an Indian restaurant, I've always opted for this naan bread whenever I go to an Indian restaurant.

Garlic Naan
Garlic Naan

Food: 7 out of 10
Service: 8 out of 10
Price: 6.5 out of 10
Experience: 8 out of 10
Presentation: 9 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given this cafe a 7.8 out of 10.


Overall satisfying, as we had an enjoyable dinner with a great view of the river. Whether you're looking for a fine dining experience or a nice view. I would suggest visiting with a friend or as a couple to experience this place. The food we had was delicious, especially the dessert and starters. You probably be full from looking at the various dishes on the menu. The mains were okay, I didn't enjoy it as much, but presentation-wise they were good. The drink I ordered (Sunrise) was refreshing with a great touch of lemon slice.

However, the other mocktail was a tad disappointing. The service was good as we were left alone to take pictures as we waited for our food. Although, there was some confusion with this collab as the restaurant was not informed by the agency beforehand. Luckily, we did agree in the end.

The price was slightly reasonable, but some dishes I thought were overpriced like the Masala Dosa. Nevertheless, if you're looking to try a few items, then it works out fine. The experience was a good one as I managed to get plenty of images and enjoyed the food. The presentation was near picture-perfect as each dish looked great to capture and indulge in.


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