Federal Cafe Review | Manchester

Federal Cafe (Manchester)

Federal Cafe Address: 9 Nicholas Croft,
M4 1EY
Nearest station: Manchester Victoria
Opening Times: 7:30 am-6 pm

One of the greatest French toasts I've had so far!

The Australian & New Zealander cafe is based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

On my way home from Manchester back to London. I had a bit of time on my hand to visit and explore one place before heading back home. After being recommended by a good friend of mine told me a list of many places to visit, but this spot came on top of my list. Also, the fact that this was nearby, I dashed over to Federal Cafe. This totally made my day come here for a short period, as I managed to capture and see a small cosy cafe for a quick stop.


Being there an hour before they closed, I managed to get a table for myself and ordered what I came for. A few people told me to order their French Toast as it was scrumptious and it truly was. This cafe tends to be very busy during the morning, but they do have seats outdoors if you do not get a space inside. Therefore, I ordered French toast and a Matcha Latte, which went nicely together with the French toast. There were loads of delicious cakes around their reception area, but that would have been a sweet tooth overload if I had that too.

Based on the corner of a very busy street, the interiors are all wooden and filled with plants hanging from the top. They have a set menu that serves breakfast and brunch all day.


Their breakfast menu includes 'Acai Bowl', Organic Pistachio & Almond Granola' to name a few. However, on their all-day brunch menu, you have a lot more options to pick from. The likes of 'French Toast', 'Avocado Smash & Poached Eggs', 'Turkish Eggs' and more. The French Toast was delicious, filled with house-made berries, compote, almonds, whipped vanilla mascarpone & Salted Caramel. Priced at £7.50.

Mouth-Watering French Toast on a plate
Mouth-Watering French Toast on a plate
French Toast (V)
French Toast (V)
My little flat lay of the French Toast and Matcha Latte
My little flat lay of the French Toast and Matcha Latte
Federal Cafe Review | Manchester
Up and Close with a French Toast

Drinks Menu

For the drinks menu, they have a range of choices from hot and cold drinks and juices. I ordered the Matcha Latte as I just love the colours of Matcha and ever since I've been introduced to Matcha. I've enjoyed ordering one if the cafe has one.

Federal Cafe Review | Manchester
Matcha Latte


The interiors were really nice and green with leather seats. A perfect instagrammable spot to have small friends gathering or coming here as couples.

Federal Cafe
Interior at Federal Cafe

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10
Experience: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10

Overall: 8.7/10


Overall, I enjoyed visiting this nice cosy place to have a small brunch meal. I would recommend coming down if you live or visit Manchester. As I had a list of places to visit in the space of a day, I only managed to check a couple of food spots. The food here looked and sounded pretty good, but I came down mainly the French Toast. That did not disappoint. The service here was good, as the waiters told me about their specials for the day. Also, recommended a few other items to choose from. The atmosphere was casual, with people chatting away with music in the background. The presentation was graceful, as the french toast and the Matcha Latte looked picture-perfect. Finally, the price I would say is a bit reasonable. As I tend to find the prices very similar in most brunch places.

Thanks for reading my latest food review post from @federalcafebar Manchester. If you have any recommendations, let me know what you'd like to see next on my Instagram or here on the blog.

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