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Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland

Visiting Scotland

What to do in Edinburgh & Glasgow

During the August summer holidays here in the UK. My parents, siblings, nephews and I went on a long road trip to stay in Glasgow and Edinburgh for 2 nights to Scotland. However, beforehand we visited the Northwest for a family wedding and explored a few activities around Blackpool, Manchester and Bolton Abbey. Therefore, we didn’t require to travel a long distance directly from London to Glasgow as I can only imagine that being a really tiring journey.

We travelled up to Glasgow during the evening from Blackburn. As this only took us under 3 hours to reach. However, it did not give us enough time to explore Glasgow that evening as we arrived fairly late. It was also during the European Games and most streets looked really busy. On the other hand, the following day we drove down to the outskirts of Scotland to ‘Laggan Outdoor’, which had a really beautiful view and was really fun.

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Mountain Views at Laggan Outdoors

Bucket List

Nevertheless, I did tick out a few things off my list to see here in Glasgow, so those people visiting here should check out. Firstly, I saw Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and then the popular street of Ashton Lane. Although it was closed inside the museum, I just had a quick wander around the museum, which looked really nice to capture on camera. It’s totally worth taking the kids or younger siblings as I’ve been told it’s worth a visit. Ashton Lane was buzzing and filled with people who had shops, bars and theatres. At night it looks really nice with a string of lights hanging above across the street. Definitely one for the gram!

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Ashton Lane in Glasgow

Laggan Outdoor

The following day we took a trip down to Laggan Outdoor and the experience was amazing. I managed to conquer the longest Zip Wire in Europe! This was a lot of fun, ever since I did the Zip Wire in London. I’ve started to grow the courage and confidence to explore and try many attractions/places, I would never have thought of doing. However, before the Zip Wire experience, my little nephews went rolling down the hill in a large water ball. Once that was over, the three of us rushed over to get ready and went in a jeep for a long bumpy drive to the top of the mountain. Totally worth looking at the view from the top, simply breathtaking.

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Water Balling


We also played around with the ‘Grass Sledging’. Now that was a lot of fun for the family as we all had a go at this, including my older siblings racing down the slope. We pretty much spent 4 to 5 hours here including having lunch at the cafe. Anyhow, this gave us enough time to go the Chocolate factory workshop called ‘The Cocoabean Company’.

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
My healthy looking lunch

This was where my nephews joined a group of kids making their very own chocolate. After completing their workshop class of making yummy chocolate bars. There was enough time to go and play at the playground, where I joined in with them as well for a bit of fun. We noticed a goat as well walking across the field, so we started playing and stroking the goat on our way back. Eventually, the goat started following us as we started to leave! Ha!

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Goats at The Cocoabean Company
Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Little Ponies at The Cocoabean Company

Edinburgh Castle

Following our visit to Laggan Outdoor and Chocolate Factory. We visited Edinburgh and saw a fair amount of attractions here, but it was really busy with the Fringe Festival taking place. At first, we drove across the huge ‘Queensferry Crossing’ bridge, which looked stunning from a distance and I can only imagine at night with the lights turned on looking picturesque.

Thereon, we went on to see the iconic “Edinburgh Castle”, but as it was a bit of a distance to reach the top of the castle, we decided not to go. At the time it was nearly time for Friday Prayers, so we ended up going for a meal instead, before heading to the Edinburgh Central Mosque. The mosque itself was pretty huge as you can see for yourself. Likewise, Edinburgh Castle is definitely another one to tick off your list.

Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Edinburgh Castle
Visiting Glasgow & Edinburgh | Scotland
Inside Edinburgh Central Mosque
Edinburgh Central Mosque

During the afternoon in Edinburgh, we spent time exploring the beautiful ‘The Royal Botanic Garden’. You can check out the whole blog post and YouTube link here. I found the gardens truly memorable and magical to witness with the likes of the colourful branches, fruits, vegetables, lily ponds and much more to see. Plus, it was all FREE to visit!

You can check out my recently uploaded two vlogs from my experience from Scotland 🙂

Botanic Garden & Laggan Outdoor

Have any of you guys visited Scotland before? Leave your comments by letting me know about your experience. Thanks for reading my experience from Scotland.

Adil Musa

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